There’s a new obsession at home and it’s called Angry Birds Go. Rovio have done it again and delivered a high quality game, and we are here to share with you some Angry Birds Go cheats, a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully improve your time and race positions and help you get the most out of this great game. And although there’s not really much to give in terms of advice (except for “look carefully at the road”) we are doing our best to help you become the best driver on your friends list. So let’s carry on reading the Angry Birds Go cheats and tips.

Check out the alternative routes
Each track has two possible routes for you to take and you should try and follow each of them. Usually, the “second” (aka not so obvious) route is the best to take, but there is also a higher risk with TNT boxes and other obstacles. However, usually, if you can master that route, you will get the 1st place without a problem. A good way to spot the alternative route since they are not always that obvious is to start a new stage with the Fruit Splash race – you will see one route blocked, and so you’ll know in future races where to go.


Learn to do a proper launch
I lost a few races at first because I was launching my car too soon. Wait for the Go letters to appear and as soon as they do, launch them. At times I managed to launch just milliseconds before that and still get a great start, but it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Use the free boost at the right time
Rovio are kind enough to give us one free boost per race and you should take the most out of it. Don’t hurry to use it as soon as it has charged – use it where it gives you the biggest bang, usually when the road is straight. If you use it just to bump into a wall, it’s a wasted boost.

Upgrade your carts regularly
This one is pretty obvious, but it has to be said: as soon as you have the coins required for an upgrade, make sure you purchase it. Each upgrade increases your cc score by a bit, but those that matter for you are Top Speed and Acceleration. Handling comes third with Strength last because you will probably be at the front of the pack and not in for a lot of contact.

Complete challenges
Not only that you will get more coins for upgrades this way, but you will also learn the tracks and even better have a chance to win some free crystals that can be collected during the races. It’s also a natural way for you to get the three star ratings required for unlocking new categories, so keep doing these races until you max everything out.

Regular versus tilt
I know that the tilt controls are a lot more fun, but they’re not as accurate as those little arrows on the screen that you tap to control the steering of your cart. Therefore, I suggest using the traditional control scheme for extra finesse and 1st places.

Don’t waste energy on Versus mode
Although it might be seen as an easy way to earn some extra coins, I see the Versus mode a waste of energy. Plus, you will normally get more coins by completing the other types of races in the game, so I would really recommend staying away from that mode.

Stay away from damage
Try to get as little damage as possible during the races as damage reduces the top speed of your cart and therefore reduces the chances of you winning anything. Try to hit as few walls and obstacles as possible while at the same time trying to cause the most damage to the nearby carts (like using the Bomb’s boost or sending them into nearby walls by driving into them).

For now, these are our tips and tricks for Angry Birds Go for iPhone and iPad. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know by commenting below!



  1. When you are out of energy,change your time 1 day forward and then go into the game.You will get full energy,then exit the game and reset the time.

    Foreman pig is really good in hard versus modes,use it’s bombs to make the opponent lag behind.

    In air tracks,you are higher than the coins in the air,to get those,make your left side wheels on the ramp and right side wheels off the ramp like half on and off,you will get some of those coins.

  2. Can nyone tell me how to meet the challenge “miss two TNT boxes”? I have missed so many of these closely and it still will not award me the challenge.


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