As you probably know already, Angry Birds Epic is already available in some countries and the lucky fellows who can play them are good enough to share their playthrough / walkthrough videos with us. And we’re here to share such a video with you, with almost 50 minutes of Angry Birds Epic gameplay for your pleasure.

Just a while ago, after checking out the first trailer of the game, I said that it doesn’t seem to be epic at all and apparently I am right. Rovio didn’t go for changing completely the formula of the turn based RPG of this kind and that might not be an extremely bad thing – why change something that already works?


The game is extremely easy to learn and the missions are created in such a way that you get all the info at the right time, there’s some item crafting and strategy involved and overall the game is cute even though not groundbreaking or something to really blow your mind. You can decide for yourself though by checking out the Angry Birds Epic walkthrough / playthrough for the first 40-something minutes below:

Thanks, ZackScottGames for sharing the video with the world! And now you tell us what you think about the game: is Angry Birds Epic… epic or not?



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