The birds are back and they’re angry as ever! This time you won’t be flinging them – it’s time to pop some balloons! Angry Birds Blast brings the birds you know and love to the match-3 puzzle format. You’ll be moving multicolored bird balloons around in order to free them. Basic match-3 rules apply, so you already know what to expect if you’re a big fan of the genre!

We’ve got some tips and tricks right here so let’s get started with our Angry Birds Blast cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


1. Switch rockets!

The rockets you create by freeing five birds can be rotated! If they’re not facing the direction you want them to, just make any other move besides activating the rocket. On the next turn, the rocket will rotate to face horizontally or vertically, depending on its original orientation. Keep this in mind if you want to take out a row or column.

2. Move the free birds!

Some birds will already be freed when they show up on the board. As you learn during the tutorial, they’ll automatically pop balloons that match their color. Treat them as “free pieces,” essentially. If you have some balloons that are singled off and hard to reach, try nudging a matching bird near it to get rid of the balloon. Careful use of these birds can save you a lot of headaches, so make sure to use them efficiently!

3. Conserve your moves!

If you’re a match-3 pro, you probably live by this creed already. Watch your moves! Plan out your next move and just don’t match the first set of balloons you see. You can get by the first couple of levels doing this but once you start getting into the harder levels, you’ll need to be really precise with your moves. Make sure that you are actively setting up bigger chains and not just popping balloons one by one.

4. Always work towards your objective!

Going along with tip #3, try to always work towards your objective. This means that you’ll need to always be popping the right colored balloons, taking out those blasted piggies, and so forth. Before you commit to a move, always make sure that it’s going towards your current objective. Don’t waste moves on extra things that won’t help you pass the level!

5. Break the debris as fast as possible!

Certain levels will have glass and wooden blocks set around the board in formations you’d see in an actual Angry Birds game. These obstacles block the flow of balloons and must be destroyed to free up the board. If you play a level with these obstacles set, it should be your first priority to take them out as fast as you can. Freeing up the board is the best way of getting the balloons you need.

6. Try some boosters!

If you are completely stuck even after trying everything you’ve got, consider the use of boosters. They’re standard match-3 fare, like starting out with a special balloon or getting extra moves, so choose whatever you think is best. Just keep in mind that certain boosters aren’t available on some levels, so you’ll need to keep an open mind about what to take!

That’s all for Angry Birds Blast! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



  1. Thanks for actually providing great tips for a rookie. I made the mistake of looking for hacks and cheats and wasted 3 hours on shysters’ marketing ploys, and surveys. No more wasting time on the hundreds of similar farces these crooks use to sucker players into their marketing traps. Pure misrepresentation from too many YouTubers attempting to sucker viewers into giving them hits. What a load! Thank YOU for actually giving great tips!


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