Among Us Cosmicube Update: Beans, Stars, and More

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Among Us from Innersloth has been a firm favourite for many gamers since its inception in 2018. It relied on its simple but effective social deductive game premise with just a couple of extra maps added during updates for a while… Until now. Innersloth has announced a fantastic new update full of exciting new roles, new features using in-game currency, and brand new cosmetic options. Find out more below!

Cosmicube Update New Content

New Roles: There are 4 new roles for both Imposter and Crewmate introduced in the latest update: Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel for Crewmate, and Shapeshifter for the Imposter.

  • Scientist (Crewmate Role): Can access vitals at any point in the game, and completing tasks recharges their battery.
  • Engineer (Crewmate Role): Uses vents.
  • Guardian Angel (Crewmate Role): Casts a shield of protection around crewmates.
  • Shapeshifter (Imposter Role): Changes appearance to look like any Crewmate.

Cosmicubes: These pathways full of goodies come in two varieties- paid and free. They are a branching system of cubes that can be unlocked using different types of Pods that are earned during gameplay as long as you have a Cosmicube activated. You can buy different Cosmicubes with Beans (free currency) or Stars (paid currency).

MIRA Cosmicube (via Innersloth)

Beans: This is a free in-game currency that you earn as you play. Use these to purchase Cosmicubes or cosmetics.

Bean in Among Us (via Innersloth)

Stars: This is a purchasable in-game currency that you can use to buy premium Cosmicubes and cosmetics.

Stars in Among Us (via Innersloth)

Pods: Earn these as you play and use them to unlock items in a Cosmicube. These come in different varieties depending on which Cosmicube the you have activated as you play. Pods cannot be transferred between Cosmicubes, and you can only have one Cosmicube activated at a time.

Mira Pod in Among Us (via Innersloth)

Experience Points: XP is earned as you play and can only be used to level up your character. Levelling up gives multiplier bonuses on Beans and Pods.

Account Linking: You can now link your accounts on different platforms and use the same account everywhere you play. This helps you save progress across platforms and save Beans and Pods in all areas. The only exception right now (as of November 10th 2021), is that Stars purchased on the Nintendo Switch cannot be transferred, but that is to be rectified at some point, according to Innersloth.

MIRA Pods and Beans earned during a game (via Innersloth)

Achievements: As stats are shared across platforms this means achievements are easier to gain.

Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments below.

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Among Us Cosmicube Update: Beans, Stars, and More


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