American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – How to Get More Golden Turds

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Are you in pursuit of filling your pockets with more Golden Turds? Well, in today’s article we are going to show you how to get more Golden Turds in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon!

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First thing that you need to know is that the Golden Turds are pretty much the premium currency in the game, so it is not all that easy to obtain all the time, and if you are a f2p player you will most likely benefit from all of these tips on how to get more Golden Turds more than the premium player.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our guide on American Dad! Apocalypse Soon how to get more Golden Turds right here below!

You can get more Golden Turds by completing in game Achievements:

– When you are in the game’s main interface, you can head on to the Achievements tab, which is on the right side of the screen (the medal looking icon). There you can check out all of the available achievements and try to complete them if you are looking to collect a few more free Golden Turds.

Dig out the various items in the ground:

– You will notice in your house that in the areas where you haven’t built anything yet you will have items such as crates, pipes, and many other random stuff underneath. If you tap on them you will see that with some Money you can destroy them.

You will need 1 Builder available to remove one item, so when you see something buried in the ground and your builders are idle, just dig it up because it will contain Golden Turds and probably a few other useful items.

Check out your mail for various rewards given out to players:

– The game will sometimes give you random rewards among which you will find Golden Turds as well. All you have to do is check your in game mailbox and if you have some unclaimed rewards make sure you claim them because they will probably give you some free Golden Turds.

Also, the first time that you create an account and start playing the game you will receive some in game rewards in your mailbox which will contain several Golden Turds which will help you out throughout the game.

Get more Golden Turds by completing your Campaign Chapters:

– When you are completing quests which you can find on your phone (the phone icon in the left side of the screen) especially from the Campaign Mode tab you will see a progress bar at the top. Whenever that progress bar reaches 100% you will be able to claim your Campaign Chapter Chest which will contain various goods including Golden Turds.

If you are not sure what to do to advance further into the game or you simply want to complete as many quests as you can, then just make sure that you try and do these Campaign Mode quests because they will give you tons of useful rewards and Golden Turds.

Open your Reward Chests for more Golden Turds:

– Whenever you complete a quest you will receive a chest which will contain several rewards, and will have a chance to contain Golden Turds as well. So open them whenever you get them!

The Golden Turds from the Reward Chests are not guaranteed, so it’s more like based on luck if you get them or not. Nonetheless, it is a way to obtain them so if you are lucky you might get Golden Turds from every single Reward Chest you open!

Claim your Ad Watcher’s Chest and get free 25 Golden Turds:

– The Ad Watcher’s Chest can be found in the Market tab (bottom right corner of the screen) and there you will be able to watch an advertisement and claim 6000 Food per ad you watch. This will have a 1 hour cooldown between ads that you can watch, and you will need to watch a total of 5 ads to open the Ad Watcher’s Chest.

However, once you open it the chest will contain 25 Golden Turds and 1 Uncommon Item. There is also a chance that you might get a Rare, Epic, or even Legendary Item! So whether you are running low on Food or you simply want to open it, make sure you watch an ad every hour (1 per hour / you need 5 ads watched total) and you will be able to open this chest!

Fight Boss Fights which give you free Golden Turds:

– When you are battling in the normal stages you will sometimes have to deal with Boss fights. These are tougher than the normal encounters, but they will also reward you with various rewards among which there will also be Golden Turds!

Become a premium player and get more Golden Turds:

– You can become a Premium Player for 15 days or 30 days at a time by purchasing this with real life money (so it’s not for the f2p players). By becoming a premium player you will benefit from various boosts, such as maximum happiness boost, extra resources when you PvE and PvP and many, many other benefits.

The one I want to highlight here is that whenever you will purchase and open a Daily Chest you will receive also additional rewards, among which there can be Golden Turds.

These would be all the ways that I know of on how to get more Golden Turds in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon! Do you know some more ways to get more Golden Turds? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

Also, don’t forget to check out our game guide right here for more game tips and tricks and learn all that you need to know about the game’s basic mechanics and how to improve quickly!

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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – How to Get More Golden Turds

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