American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat More Enemies & Get Stronger

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the American Dad! Apocalypse Soon tips and cheats that we have gathered so far and share them with you, so that you can learn all the little tricks that we’ve got up our sleeves!

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If you’ve followed American Dad before, then you’re probably already familiar with its signature jokes and comedy style, so I will leave you at that – but for those of you who don’t know it, American Dad is a popular comedy American TV show which you should totally check out if you are looking for a good comedy to watch.

So with that being said, let’s check out what you came here for, the American Dad! Apocalypse Soon tips and tricks and share with you everything that you need to know about the game!

For a smooth start, follow the quests

I have to say that if you want to progress smoothly early on without much hassle, the easiest approach would be to follow the game’s tasks and try to complete them as the game asks you to, because that way you will be introduced to everything slow and steady.

In my opinion this is very good if you are OK with it too, but if you want to go about it differently, then you can also try opening a few Agent’s Chests from the Market (we will give you more details about these below) and try to acquire a few different, better gears which you can equip to your fighters and then start fighting in the Map -> Langley Falls / Pearl Bailey High (or wherever else you’re currently at).

So there are two main ways about starting the game – either one you choose is good, so try going for the one which is most close to how you like to play your games. I went for the second one, so I always choose to fight and progress as much as I can from the very beginning, and once I cannot win the battles anymore, I start following the game’s indications.

Open several Agent’s Chests

When you are battling, you will most likely acquire quite a few chests which will give you random rewards. The rewards you will get from those are good, but there are some other, better chests which you should try to acquire because they contain better rewards.

Those chests are called Agent’s Chests and they can be found in the Market -> Packs -> Agent’s Chest and it will cost 50 Golden Turds (yep, real premium currency name right there) per 1 chest.

I suggest that you buy a couple of them early on and equip the best gears that they contain to your fighters. That will make them much stronger and it will make exploring the map and fighting easier from the very early stages of the game.

Learn what each of the rooms do

In order to quickly improve in the game, you should also learn what each of the rooms do and how they operate. You can tap on them and if their name or animation doesn’t make it very obvious to you, then you can tap on the yellow info button to learn what each of them do.

For instance, there is a room which focuses entirely on making money, called Mint, while there are others focused on producing energy (which lets you play the game’s battles) which is the Kitchen. Learn what each of them do because it will make it easier for you to assign the right personnel to the rooms.

Assign the right personnel to do the right tasks

Now if you are still not sure who you should assign to the kitchen, who should be your fighters and who should be your money makers, then all you need to do is take a look at the Roger’s stats.

There are three different fields in which a Roger can train:

– Fighter: This is basically the fighter class, which means that the Roger can be best used in fighting, a.k.a. in the Roger’s Place. They should be equipped with fighter equipment over cook equipment and banker equipment.

– Cook: This is the cook, which is in charge of the Kitchen. Pretty simple – just equip cook equipment when you have some and leave them in the Kitchens.

– Banker: This is the Roger in charge of the Mint – the money making facility. Just place them there and equip them with the best gears which help increase money productivity.

– Charger: This is a class which increases the production in the Electricity Generator.

– Carpenter: This class is used for the production of wood in the the Sawmills.

– Radiochemist: This is a Roger used for increasing the production of Uranium in the Uranium Mine.

I suggest that you carefully check each Roger’s stats and assign them to the right task, because that’s super important when it comes to equipping them with better gears, as the number they have next to each stat will be how good that class’ gears can be equipped. (for example a level 8 fighter cannot equip level 10 fighter equipment)

Get free Golden Turds

If you want to get a couple of free Golden Turds in exchange for 250 Cash, then all you have to do is look at the empty ground around the facilities you’ve built and keep an eye on the pipes, crates and other underground items.

Once you spot one, just tap on it and a new option will appear, the Delete option which will cost 250 Cash. The process of deleting these will take 1 minute and it will require 1 available builder, so make sure that you do it whenever you see one because they are basically free Golden Turds buried there!

Open your Daily Chests

Every single day you will be able to open a free Daily Chest which is super useful, because it will contain anything between Common to Rare items, so it’s super good no matter what.

I suggest that you check daily the timer on this and whenever you see a chest available, you open it because it will definitely give you something useful – and if it won’t, then you can freely disassemble the gears you get and use the materials to create new stuff.

Tap the Rogers to keep them happy

You can tap on a Roger when you see that it has a dialogue bubble on top of it to acquire some happiness points, which will help you benefit from the Happiness Bonus. You don’t know what the Happiness Bonus is? Then let me explain:

The Happiness Bonus can be divided into 4 parts:

– 0% Happiness Bonus: you will get no bonus.

– 2% Happiness Bonus: you will get 2% increased money collection, energy collection and food collection.

– 5% Happiness Bonus: you will get a 5% increased money collection, energy collection and food collection. This is the maximum bonus you can get as a f2p player.

– 20% Happiness Bonus (premium players only): you will get a 20% increased money collection, energy collection and food collection.

You will increase your Rogers’ happiness by winning battles and tapping on the bubbles that appear with their face on it, so keep an eye on them whenever you see them on the screen.

Make free upgrades

When you want to upgrade a certain room, or build one, you can benefit from a free build / upgrade bonus if that room will take less than 10 minutes until completely upgraded / built. So basically any room that has 9:59 left to fully upgrade, you can tap on the button which lets you upgrade it for free to benefit from a free upgrade.

So make sure that you pay attention to this, and if you start making an upgrade which takes 12 minutes for example, you wait out 2 minutes and then benefit from the free upgrade! It’s the easiest (and cheapest) way to go about making upgrades in this game.

Upgrade all the rooms!

Now the rooms each have their own roles, but if you want to level up and advance (slowly but steadily) in the game, you will have to make upgrades. And I suggest that you always make upgrades to the rooms, especially to the most important ones:

– The Situation Room

– The Roger’s Place

– The Mints

Those are some of the most important ones in the house, arguably because they are needed in order to have more fighters and to build more facilities and rooms. So make sure you prioritize them, and once you are able to upgrade them (or others) you make all the right upgrades because they will come in handy – trust me!

My tip here: There is one extra room at the top which you might’ve missed – the Arsenal. Try upgrading this as well because it will help you set better defenses and make things easier during fights. (I went for Instant repair with Golden Turds, but if you have the Cash, then you can go for a normal repair)

Get more Rogers

Have you wondered how you can get more Rogers? Well, I have, and it’s pretty much bummed me out since at the very beginning I couldn’t manage to figure out how, until I did! So let me explain:

– At the beginning, it’s the easiest to use the Cloning Room to make various upgrades and to get more Rogers. This is going to take some time, but it’s free.

– You can then start working on upgrading the Cloning Room. Once you have upgraded the Cloning Room and you have doubled the production, you can get plenty of Roger babies which will develop into full-fledged Rogers.

Hire a helper while you are away

You will start the game with Reginald Koala at your service, but after about 3 days he will go away and leave you on your own. I suggest that if you are offline quite a lot then you should hire him once again because it’s definitely going to come to your aid.

The helper will gather resources and complete training while you are offline, so it’s super useful overall. You can hire Reginald Koala for 3 days for 150 Gold Turds, for 7 days for 250 Golden Turds, or for 15 days for 450 Turds.

The other helpers can be bought for real money, but they are permanent, so if you are more into having a French Bulldog, a cat or a turtle with a hamster on its back, then you might have to put a couple of bucks into the game.

Check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our American Dad! Apocalypse Soon tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks? Share them with us and the rest of the players by leaving them down in the comments section below!

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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat More Enemies & Get Stronger

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