Amber’s Airline is a beautiful time management game for mobile created by Gamehouse and delivered with style. And we’re here to help you get better at the game by sharing some Amber’s Airline – High Hopes tips and cheats to get the most out of the game, unlock all upgrades and finish all stages with 3 star ratings.

This won’t be easy, as you probably know already, since everything becomes harder and harder as you go up the levels, but at least it’s fun. We’re talking about time management excellence here and I am sure you agree.

However, we’re not writing this article to praise the game, but help you get better at it. So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out some Amber’s Airline cheats and tips below!

What to buy from the shop?
Before each level, you have the chance to spend your hard earned money on purchasing upgrades that will, in turn, make your life a lot easier and help you complete all requirements faster.

It’s a good idea to always spend as much money as possible on buying upgrades, and I personally recommend going for either speed bonuses for Amber or anything that makes customers more patient.

Go with the items that you usually have more trouble with – or are generally more time consuming – and work your way down to other items available for upgrade if you have the money.

You can also skip an upgrade day and try to complete a level without buying anything. See where an upgrade would be most useful and simply get that next time you start the level. Easy peasy!

When you’re dealing with so many passengers and multiple other tasks, you must multitask and plan your moves a bit in advance. A bit of planning doesn’t hurt either.

For example, you can hold three items in your inventory, which means that you could collect one that is more often used and difficult to get (like the tags for the luggage in the first chapter) and keep it there, using it whenever a passenger needs it and using the other two inventory slots otherwise.

Optimize your movement as well as that of your passengers – work in such a way that you always have to cover the least possible distance getting from one point to another.

For example, when you get the luggage tags, refill the surveys and papers by tapping the item below that. Tap two passengers who want the other’s place in order to quickly swipe them and always look at ways to optimize your speed.

Finally, don’t forget that checking out more passengers one after another gives you bonus points, so don’t be afraid to let them queue up a bit.

In order to do that and have as many passengers head to the checking area at the same time, you can intentionally let some wait a bit more than others and take care of them as soon as their patience meter is about to drain.

Get the mouse!
Each level will have a mouse appearing for a short while somewhere random. Try to keep an eye out for it during the whole madness since tapping them will give you extra diamonds which are extremely useful for customizing your diary, for example.

Replay stages to get more stars or money
If you’re not able to complete all the requirements to three-star a stage, don’t worry too much. Try to learn from each stage what didn’t go to well and correct it next time you play. Sometimes you simply can’t get it right from the first try, but you should learn from your mistakes.

Alternately, if you believe that it’s upgrades that you need in order to complete a more difficult stage, you can simply replay an already mastered one and grab some more coins to spend on on those upgrades and make things easier for you. Have in mind that this only works for stages that you haven’t mastered already!

Play the diamond missions ASAP
Every couple of missions, you will unlock special ones that will reward you with diamonds if mastered. You should play these ASAP – they are not only fun as they usually come with a unique challenge, but the premium currency in the game can help you a lot in the long run.

Finally, take things slow and one step at a time. As things get more and more difficult and more items are available for your passengers to nag you with, the more often you will fail. But learn from your mistakes and have fun, enjoying the experience!

These would be our Amber’s Airline – High Hopes tips and tricks to help you complete all stages with three stars and become an expert manager of everything in-game. If you have additional strategies that work well, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your comments below.


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