Ketchapp have launched their own version of Flappy Bird and I can honestly say that I consider Amazing Thief the better version. If you agree with me, then you already have trouble to hit the 20 points mark, or maybe the 50 or maybe you’re just going for the first 100 (lucky you!). I am here to share with you a complete set of Amazing Thief cheats and tips that will hopefully create the ultimate strategy guide for the game and help you get the most out of this amazing impossible title.

Best suited for those who can’t even get to 10 points, our Amazing Thief cheats and tips will help you keep on going!

1. Let him fall
I don’t know if this stands for everybody, but in my case, I tent to tap the screen and have the thief jump as soon as he gets close to the end of the platform he’s currently running on. This is sometimes OK, but on many occasions it’s the wrong approach. Instead, resist the urge to tap the screen when your little guy gets to the end of the platform and let him fall for just a little bit before tapping the screen. This works best when the next platform is of a similar height than the one you’re currently on.

2. Think quick!
Amazing Thief is an amazing game because you don’t have to have amazing reflexes to keep on going, but you also have to think quickly, assess the situation and select the perfect approach. This means that you have to keep an eye on the upcoming platform at all times and decide the best approach: jump right from the edge of your platform, let the guy fall, double jump or single jump. As you play the game more and more, you will start to learn the best approach for all situations.

3. Practice, practice, practice!
Which takes us to a new point: keep on playing in order to get better. It’s as simple as that because when you start playing, you won’t even know that you should have different strategies for the different heights of the incoming platforms.

4. Take breaks
So, you’ve been playing the game for 10 or 15 minutes now and your face is red and you’re about to blow steam off your ears? Take breaks because being angry does not help you get a better score. Try to stay relaxed at all times and only play the game when you are calm and focused, otherwise you’ll only do worse and get even angrier. My advice is to play the game in sessions of no longer than 10 minutes if you care about your sanity and the integrity of the device you’re playing on!

5. Master the falls
Indeed, in the end, Amazing Thief is all about mastering the falls of your little stick man. You can’t do much with tapping or double tapping if you don’t tap at the perfect time, and this means tapping when the little fellow is falling. If you can master the fall, you will master the game. It’s easier said than done, but check out tip #3 again and get on going!

Do you have other Amazing Thief tips and tricks to share with us? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say : I think your idea of what “cheating” is and my idea of what “cheating” is, differs greatly.


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