The Amateur Surgeon 4 level 37 brings Valerie to the spotlight. She is a skull patient, meaning that we have to use a Partner to complete the mission. The good news is that she’s not a very difficult boss, so we should be able to three star it easily. And I am here to make the whole thing a lot easier by sharing with you a complete walkthrough guide to the Amateur Surgeon 4 Valerie level. I sure hope you’re ready to perform some brain surgery and do it quick!

So without further ado, let’s check out below Touch Tap Play’s Amateur Surgeon 4 Valerie guide walkthrough. We’ll have a lot of fun completing this fast level!


Before you start: You MUST choose a partner. The good news is that mostly any partner would do. I would personally go for Mr Giblets or a gel-applying one for the boost. Also, Katie Cutter or Barbara Ho-Tep would be good choices. Yes, we’re talking about the recommended partners here, but any would do it you don’t have one of these available! You just have to be as fast as the tools allow to complete in time!

Amateur Surgeon 4 Valerie Walkthrough Guide

1. Use the chainsaw or your partner to cut that skull. Remove the bits away using the tongs.

2. There will be a new area, pictured below:


Here, you will first have to use the tongs to remove the pieces of metal, then use the stapler on the cuts, followed by the lighter and healing gel. Then use the chainsaw to cut the black part of the brain away. Keep an eye on the heart rate and use a partner or the green syringe if needed!

3. There are some rock-like things there. Use the lighter on them, then use the pizza cutter to cut them open and have some grey poison pop out. Use the vacuum to pull it away:


4. Attack the new brain part using the tongs, then use the lighter and healing gel. Do the same with the skull and you’re all set!

As you can see, this is not a very difficult level, but it’s challenging without the right partner (although still doable). Be as fast as possible and know what to expect – which is exactly what will happen now that you read our guide.

Don’t forget to check back soon as we’ll have more guides for the amazing Amateur Surgeon 4 Re-Generations levels published soon!




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