One of the strangest surgeries in Amateur Surgeon 4 is Earnest Pickles, a surgery that I had a lot of trouble figuring out. I mean, you start with no instructions on the screen whatsoever, just moving eyes and mustache…. and nothing seems to work! However, there is key to starting and completing this surgery and once you know it, everything is relatively easy. We have a complete guide for the Amateur Surgeon 4 Earnest Pickles here to get three stars, then four and five!

So let’s not waste any time, I am sure you are very curious to find out what you have to do to even start the surgery! Here is Touch Tap Play’s guide to Earnest Pickles – Amateur Surgeon 4!

1. The first thing you see is the wobbly eyes and mustache. In order to make them stop, you have to apply healing gel. Just tap the green jar of healing gel and rub it on the eyes. They will slowly start to move less and eventually they will stop moving. Do the same with the mustache. This was the trick!


2. Make the cut. The organs are moving again! Select the gel and apply it on the screen, quickly, until they stop moving. You’ll be taken back: use the stapler, lighter and gel for the cut.

3. Make a new cut. Again, a “dancing” organ. Apply the gel until it stops, then make a new cut.

4. There’s a voodoo doll there with nails in it. Use the Tongs to remove the nails, then apply healing gel to the moving doll. You will probably have to use the Green Syringe now to restore some health.


5. Use the chainsaw to cut the black margins around the doll, then remove it with the Tongs. Use the vacuum for the blood, then add the Cookie. Glue it there with the lighter and healing gel.

6. You will only have to use the stapler, lighter and gel from now on to close the cuts you have made. This is it!

You will probably have to do this mission a few times before you will master it for three stars as you have to get used with how the healing gel works. But once you do, you’ll have no problem completing it. I recommend going for the Sudden Death mode ASAP, choosing either Mr. Gibblets or Dr. Rippov as your partners. Good luck!

This is our guide to Earnest Pickles in Amateur Surgeon 4. We have published more guides for other patients and they’re all available here. Make sure you check them out if out need help completing other surgeries in the game!


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