Amateur Surgeon 3 Walkthrough: Muta-Bear Level in Lunacy Falls


The final challenge in Amateur Surgeon 3 in the Lunacy Falls chapter is curing Muta-Bear who is suffering from a poison infection. Although not as difficult as the vampire level, the Muta-bear level is also pretty challenging and I found myself stuck on a few occasions. I am here to help you complete it in your first try with a three star rating by telling you exactly what to do. So let’s check out the Amateur Surgeon 3 walkthrough for the Muta-bear level below!

This one also starts pretty easy:

muta bear walkthrough 1

All we have to do is to use the tongs to remove the claws, use the stapler on the wounds and fix them with fire and gel. The next stage follows:

muta bear walkthrough 2

These are again very easy to be dealt with. Simply use the red syringe as quickly as possible to remove the puss and you’re done!

Time to fix that broken heart now:

muta bear walkthrough 3

First, cut the two bits of wire with the pizza cutter (not the chainsaw!) and use the syringe to remove the toxic waste, then use the tongs to remove the wire pieces that you have just cut off.

Finally, the last piece:

muta bear walkthrough 5

This has to be cut off with the chainsaw. All you have to do next is to place the new heart and wrap things up for a perfect surgery!

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Amateur Surgeon 3 Walkthrough: Muta-Bear Level in Lunacy Falls


  1. Use the pizza cutter and slice the boil. You will see large gashes and a glowing green patch. Slice at the green patch and the toxins will be expelled. Use the vacuum on the toxins. Good luck!

  2. Figured it out. He died. But I got it. I wasn’t slicing through the green toxin after I sliced the boil. Thanks Val. Thought I’d never get that last star on him

  3. After I cut out the heart and the “plug” behind it and place the new heart, use the lighter and gel it doesn’t do anything. I can’t get past that part, it usually ends up timing out because there’s nothing else that shows me what to do.


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