Amateur Surgeon 3 Walkthrough: Mumbo Jungle / Deceased Keith (Frogs Level)


The fourth and final challenge in Amateur Surgeon 3 Mumbo Jungle is dealing with Deceased Keith and the ton of toxic frogs that have invaded his body. Although not as difficult as the artery level, this one is pretty challenging, so we are continuing our Amateur Surgeon 3 walkthrough for the Mumbo Jungle stage and share with you the complete guide to the Deceased Keith level and how to deal with those annoying frogs!

The level starts strong with the frogs:

deceased keith walkthrough1

In order to be able to remove them, you will have to use the car battery on them, then use the lighter to burn them. Keep doing it again and again until the frogs are dead (3 times per frog). Have in mind that their gas makes it impossible for the lighter to work, so use the vacuum a bit first, and then use the fire. Finally, after you are done with the frog, use the syringe for the toxic waste and move on!

Then go in and cut that organ to meet even more frogs:

deceased keith walkthrough2

The thing with the frogs is that no matter that if they release the gas, you can always use the fire on the one you have just zapped (and is blinking) so destroy all of them, deal with the puss, cut the organ with the chainsaw and you’re done!

deceased keith walkthrough3

This is really not the most difficult level in the game and once you know how to handle the frogs, you should have no problems acing it!

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Amateur Surgeon 3 Walkthrough: Mumbo Jungle / Deceased Keith (Frogs Level)


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