Amateur Surgeon 3 Lunacy Falls Walktrhough: How to Get Rid of Bats


After dealing with the Mumbo Jungle veins problem, Amateur Surgeon 3 comes with a new real challenge in Lunacy Falls, the new area in the game: the Batshift Crazy where we have to operate on a vampire and things get really tricky when we have to get rid of some bats and they seem impossible to make go away and there’s no garlic anywhere!

So I have decided to once again come to the rescue and tell you how to pass the vampire level in Amateur Surgeon 3 and how to get rid of the bats. It’s not as difficult as it seems once you know it. But let’s start with the beginning!

Like always, the start is pretty easy:

amateur surgeon 3 batshift crazy walkthough 1

Simply use the tongs to remove the pieces, use the stapler on all wounds, burn them and apply the healing gel. Once finished, you have to find two hidden injuries using the metal detector. Below you can see the exact positions of these 2 injuries and you can directly use the pizza cutter now that you know where they are:

amateur surgeon 3 batshift crazy walkthough 2

amateur surgeon 3 batshift crazy walkthough 3

And then begins the craze – getting rid of bats:

amateur surgeon 3 batshift crazy walkthough 4

Firs, I would suggest cleaning the woods by extracting the items and using the stapler – fire – gel combination. Afterwards, it’s time to handle the bats:

amateur surgeon 3 batshift crazy walkthough 5

First, use a lighter on a bat and you will make it fly. As soon as it does, use the car battery to zap it – this will only make it fly faster for a while so pretty hard to get. If you think you can do it, do it. Otherwise wait for it to slow down and inject some health in your vampire while it does. Rinse and repeat until the bat is dead. Them immediately use the tongs to remove it, otherwise it explodes into a ton of little bats and it’s pretty much game over. Do the same for the other bats and you’re all set.

I really hope that you found our Amateur Surgeon 3 walkthrough for the bat problem helpful – if you did, like us on Facebook and make sure to check back often!

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Amateur Surgeon 3 Lunacy Falls Walktrhough: How to Get Rid of Bats


  1. Tip for the bats, they slow down when they change direction, zap them then.

    I WAS able to perform this surgery perfectly with 3:12 seconds left and still did not get 3 stars.

    Has anyone gotten 3 stars? If so how?


  2. I somehow have 3 stars, although I can only remember seeing two after doing the surgery. I did it without mistakes once, though.

    It seems like you can use the red needle on the bats, but I can’t see any effects. Maybe there’s another way to kill them.

  3. Ways to get 3 start
    Option 1: Leave the dead bats and let them spawn the mini green bats. This lets you get an additional 50 points for each one. Assuming you keep your combo you will get well over 4k points for 3 stars.
    Option 2: Use Flowmaster tag partner, with combo you will get 100 points per action and score wel over 4k point even with a few mistakes.


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