What if you had the power of a god?

Once upon a time, a young girl wakes up in a mysterious room with no recollection of the events leading up to her current predicament. A fluffy and friendly looking dog enters the room, and it starts talking.

“We are gods, and it is our duty to respond and help any human who prays for our help.” Suddenly, a letter appears on the desk in the room. A pen pops up in her hand, and with no other option, the young girl gets to work…

Will: A Wonderful World is a Chinese visual novel adventure game that revolves around the fates of five people who wish for their prayers to be heard. Each character has their own story, and you will help the five deal with love, loss, hopes, dreams, depression, and determination.

As the young girl, players will receive hand-written letters from the characters about their lives and their wishes. In order to alter their fates, you must rearrange the sentences in the letters to change the outcome. But beware – the alteration of one person’s fate may change someone else’s.

As such, Will: A Wonderful World has multiple outcomes, and it is up to you to discover all of them. Can you change their fates and give everyone the happy ending they deserve?

Will: A Wonderful World is available now on the App Store completely in English for 8.99 USD.


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