Once you have a decent number of heroes unlocked in Almost a Hero and you also have them evolved a bit, it’s time to think about properly pairing them up and creating the best team in the game to push for getting to the highest possible stages in Almost a Hero.

We have already talked about the best hero in the game in a previous article – and I have created those lists (for early game and late game) in such a way that basically putting all those heroes in a team, in the indicated order, would help a lot… but I also decided to write an article dedicated to this topic alone.

Creating a “best team” to beat them all is a bit tricky, because it all depends on multiple factors, the most important being which heroes you have unlocked and how much have you managed to evolve them all.

In some cases, a hero that you can and have evolved to 4 stars and above can be much better overall than an otherwise solid hero, but which still has 0 or 1 stars… so you might make some changes to your team setup having all these in mind.

But under ideal conditions (all heroes maxed out), here is my recommended team setup or the best team for Almost a Hero:

Vexx, Ron, Tam, Sam and Hilt

Vexx is by far one of the strongest heroes in the game, dealing a ton of damage and offering a nice gold earnings boost as well… and most importantly she has skills where investing points even after level 20 still matters and makes a difference.

Ron is the final hero that you unlock in the game and automatically a really, really good one (although difficult to build), with Hilt coming in as the solitary damage dealer. He doesn’t help the team much, but deals massive amounts of damage by himself.

Tam and Sam are the perfect combination for offering support in the game and even though going with two supports instead of just one seems overkill, I usually have really good results with this duo that complements each other well.

Alternatives depending on your current level or other things to consider

Now, if you don’t want to go with both Tam and Sam, you should definitely pick Tam over his cousin. And replace him with somebody that’s more damage-oriented, like either Lenny or Lia.

If you don’t have Ron, bring in other heroes from the late-game tier (unlocked after Tam): Uno, for example, can be a good choice, but he’s better when paired with Redroh.

So all in all, you have options and a bit of freedom to experiment a bit and see which setup works best for you. But if you have them all unlocked and especially evolved as much as possible, I’d say that the 5 recommended higher up in this article create the best team in Almost a Hero.

What do you say about this? Do you agree that my recommended setup is the best to go quickly from early game to late game and have a great deal of success there as well? Share your thoughts with fellow players in the comments section below.

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