Almost a Hero is a incremental fantasy game where you train a squad of would-be heroes to fight against the forces of evil. Late in the game you will gain access to powerful mythical artifacts which can grant several boons to your team. Which ones are the best?

We’ve collected some community data and the following artifacts are agreed upon to be the universally best mythical artifacts in Almost a Hero.

Custom Tailor

Custom Tailor is perhaps the best scaling mythical artifacts in the game. Custom Tailor multiplies the gold, health, and damage from your hero items by x1.2, plus an additional +0.02 for every upgrade level.

A big problem with most of the mythical artifacts is that they scale very poorly compared to the regular artifacts, but Custom Tailor is one of the few exceptions. This is a great mythical artifact to have and invest into.

Half Ring

The Half Ring makes enemies take increased damage from ring attacks. Level ups further increase the damage. It also grants you a 5% chance for ring attacks to deal bonus damage, and it can be a critical hit too.

This is a great, scaling mythical artifact that is perfect for players who love to actively play and attack using the ring.

Auto Transmuter

The Auto Transmuter activates when the ring hasn’t been used for a few seconds. After approximately 10 seconds, enemies will begin to drop 27% more gold when they are defeated. Higher levels to the Auto Transmuter will increase the gold bonus and decrease the amount of time it takes for the bonus to activate.

Completely opposite of the Half Ring, the Auto Transmuter is perfect for players who prefer to let their heroes do all the damage instead of themselves.

Free Exploiter

The Free Exploiter gives you a chance to make the next hero or ring upgrade free after you upgrade them normally with gold. Depending on your luck, this mythical artifact can make leveling through the stage a breeze.

Broken Teleporter

The Broken Teleporter is a speedrunning tool for players who know their way around the game. Beating a stage under 15 seconds will cause the Broken Teleporter to activate, at which point you will jump forward. The amount of stages skipped depends on where you are at:

  • Up to stage 100: jump forward 5 stages
  • Up to stage 200: jump forward 3 stages
  • Up to stage 300: jump forward 1 stage

You can increase the threshold by upgrading the Broken Teleporter.

Blunt / Impatient / Band-aid Relics

Relics give a chance for enemies to drop temporary power ups. Blunt Relic increases non-critical damage by a significant amount, Impatient speeds up ultimate cooldowns, and Band-aid heals your wounded heroes and revives any fallen ones. Upgrading these mythical artifacts will increase the chance of triggering.

These relics can help greatly speed up your stage clear time. Ultimate can be used more often, your overall DPS will see a big boost, and your heroes can take more hits before going down.

Have any other insights we missed? Think another mythical artifact should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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