Almost a Hero: Best Heroes in the Game (2019 Update)

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Almost a Hero is a game that was launched quite some time ago and was updated constantly since its original release. This is why I think that a list updated in 2019 for the best heroes in Almost a Hero is a must.

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Although you will unlock a lot of them as you go through the stages, you can only use five at a time for your main team (additional heroes can be used in Challenges, depending on the challenge).

But which heroes are the best in 2019? That is the question that we’re going to answer – and you will see that some things have remained unchanged since the game’s original release.

Important things about Heroes in the game

You will unlock heroes as you progress through the game, and in order to have them all unlocked, you need to reach some seemingly impossible stages (or at least they seem like that when you just start out).

Once you unlock Handsum Jim, you will get a new hero ever 200 stages or so: at 415 (easiest to get), then 645, 900, 1050, 1210 and 1500. So getting all the heroes is a challenge by itself!

In order to make things a bit easier for you, I will divide the rankings of the best heroes in Almost a Hero below based on early game (around stage 415) and late game, when you have all heroes unlocked.

Because simply telling you that the Heroes you unlock at stages 1000+ are the best won’t be extremely useful to you if you still haven’t reached stage 400. But this way, things will be a bit easier.

And to make things even easier for you, in case you haven’t unlocked all the heroes, we’ll start with the list of them all (in the order of unlocking):

Almost a Hero – Heroes List

1. Hilt
2. Bellylarf
3. Vexx
4. Kind Lenny
5. Sam
6. Boomer Badlad
7. V
8. Wendle
9. Lia
10. Handsum Jim

11. Tam
12. Redroh
13. Nanna
14. Arbara
15. Uno
16. Ron

Almost a Hero – Best 5 Heroes for Early Game

As I said earlier, I consider “Early game” everything until stage 415 when you unlock Tam. Following Tam, you enter Mid and Late game, but we’ll talk about that later. Until then, let’s see which are the best heroes out of the first 10 that you unlock!


By far the best hero in the game for a long time. Best to use early on, so make sure to focus on her a lot (Evolve etc).

She deals a ton of damage, she has balanced skills: damage dealing, gold boost… she is extremely good overall in all early and mid-game stages. You simply can’t have a team without her.

Recommended skill point allocation: max out her Ultimate, Concentration, Fast & Cheerful. Put 5-6 points in Recycle, 5-6 in Forge, 4-5 in Earthquake and a couple in Village Girl. Do whatever you want with the other skills afterwards.


You don’t usually see a lot of love for Hilt, but the truth is that he’s a massive damage dealer and can help you get past Boss stages quickly thanks to his Ultimate.

He is built to deal damage – and do it fast – and even though he might not be as useful in mid game and late game, early on he’s spectacular as a solo damage dealer and Ring Booster.

Recommended skill point allocation: max out Ultimate, I have the Power and Reversed Excalibur. 1 point in Forest Sun (not more as the additional bonuses are small), and around 5-6 each in Lucky Boy, Son of the Wind and Friendship. Free to do whatever you please afterwards, although I’d go for a few points in Everlast to max out his Ultimate.


A good support early on, Sam is great when it comes to keeping your team alive. So even though extremely early in the game (up to stage 200), he’s not insanely useful, you’ll see that progress with him around is easier afterwards.

His solo use is that of a tank that sometimes boost his allies: build him up so that he can soak up as much damage as possible, keeping blows away from his teammates.

Recommended skill point allocation: early on, put some points in Slam and his Ultimate, and don’t focus too much on Shield ’em All (you need him to deal damage now and become tanky later).

Then, focus on Shield ’em All, Block, Arrogant and Punishment. Further down the road, invest in Master Shielder as well.

Kind Lenny

I didn’t really like him early on, but as I played more and Evolved him, I found out that Kind Lenny is an awesome damage dealer which can easily spam his Ultimate to help you get through the stages fast.

He’s a damage dealer / support mix, which is really rare to come by. Easy to build, too in my opinion, so definitely a solid option for early game.

Recommended skill point allocation: Max out Ultimate, Bombard, Reloader and Constitution. Get 4-5 points in XXL and Well Fed for an early damage boost, Then put a few points in Eat an Apple (later on, when it’s more useful).


It’s really difficult for me to choose a fifth hero here and I always end up trying one or another. But out of them all, V seems like the most useful early on thanks to her gold boosts (although with all the rings you get later on, you don’t really need this massive push).

Either way, despite the fact that she doesn’t deal a ton of damage, V is extremely useful when it comes to progressing faster and leveling up all heroes.

Recommended skill point allocation: Focus on her money-making skills, investing first in Run, Emmet, Run, Treasure Hunter and City Thief. Also, every now and then, put points in her Ultimate, Slice & Dice and Hidden Daggers.

Close calls for 5th spot: get BellyLarf if you want to get farther in the game since he’s a really solid Tank. Might want to replace Sam instead… test it out and see how it goes better in your case.

Alternatively, if you don’t care as much about the money boost, either choose Jim (if you spend a lot of time playing and using the main skills of the heroes) or Wendle for a more passive approach / more AFK time.

Almost a Hero – Best 5 Heroes for Late Game


It would be strange not to have the final hero you unlock in the game listed as a top one. But yes, Ron is really a beast (and I mean that literally as well!).

He is a pure attacking hero and excels at this. He becomes your main guy to evolve once you get him.


Unlocked relatively early in the game, Tam is a game changer in terms of support/attack hybrid. He is actually Sam’s cousin, and therefore relatively similar – with Tam being the better one in my opinion.

He is great at both dealing damage and helping his allies deal a lot more damage. He won’t keep them alive, like Sam does… but he’s great with his general boosts.


We have already talked about her and how good she actually is. No point in doing that again – but seeing her here is definitely great news for those who invest in building her up.


Although I would like to have a more offense-focused hero on the list, the truth is that you need the health benefits (for other heroes) that Sam has to offer. So he stays on the list as well.


An upgraded version of V, Redroh is a lot better because he offers better gold boosts, as well as support for fellow allies.

If you start to feel that you need a bit more fire power, bring in some of the recommended heroes below instead. But for a long while (until stages 2,000+ I would say) he will do fine as a starter in a top 5 spot.

Close calls for 5th spot : Uno (a difficult hero to play, and in combination with Redroh, but an interesting call. Many people praise him as a solid hero, but honestly I prefer the alternative).

The alternative in this case is, surprisingly or not – Lia. The pretty much random archer becomes extremely useful later on in the game when you start to max out all her available skills. She deals a ton of damage with all that randomness and is really a good call. If not, you can also try Hilt instead of her.

These would be our thoughts on the best Heroes in Almost a Hero. Do you have a different opinion? Do you like other heroes better? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below!

Also, if you need some advice on how to play the game better, don’t hesitate to check out our guide for the game.

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