Alliance Wars: World Domination is a base building strategy game. Build your base, train your army, collect minerals and oils, and attack other players in an all-out war. We’ll share some of our strategies with you with ourĀ Alliance Wars: World Domination cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Complete the missions!

Missions can be accessed at any time and following them is a good way to progress through the game. Your base will naturally become stronger, and you will earn valuable fusion cells for every mission you complete! Fusion cells are the premium currency of this game.

2. Build lots of storage!

In order to increase your maximum storage capacity for minerals and oil, you need to build the corresponding storage buildings. They are oil depots and mineral silos. Be sure you have a couple of these around and you level them up, as you will hit your fill quickly if you don’t. Any resources you earn while you’re at maximum capacity are wasted; don’t let that happen!

3. Target defensive structures first!

When attacking enemy bases – be it another player or the campaign enemies – you should always aim to take out the defensive structures, such as towers, first. Once you take out any towers that are shooting you, the enemy’s base will be left completely defenseless!

4. Send in your most armored units first!

When approaching a tower, it’s best to send in units that have the highest health first. This way, the tower will focus on them and allow your units with less health but higher attack power assault safely. This is a key strategy that you need to do often!

5. Position your units wisely!

It is vital that you study the layout of your enemy’s base before you deploy your units. Be sure that you position them in the most favorable spots, as you cannot control units after they’ve been deployed!

6. Back out if needed!

If your units are stuck in an unfavorable situation, you can always retreat and regroup to attack later. In fact, it is almost always better to do this as you get to keep any units who are still alive. Better to save their lives then waste them!

That’s it for Alliance Wars. Have any other tips or strategies to share? Leave a comment below!


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