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All Unlockables in Gravity Circuit

All Unlockables in Gravity Circuit
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Gravity Circuit Kai is going to need all the help he can get if he wants to take down the Virus Army, so scattered about the eight stages are unlockable upgrades that improve Kai’s combat abilities. If you’re looking to bulk up for the big fight ahead, here are all unlockables in Gravity Circuit.

Where to find every unlockable upgrade in Gravity Circuit

There are two types of unlockable upgrades in Gravity Circuit: health and Burst upgrades. Health upgrades increase your maximum health gauge, while Burst upgrades increase your maximum Burst Energy charges.

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There are four health and four Burst upgrades in the game, which means there is one upgrade per stage. These upgrades are usually hidden behind some sort of tricky obstacle course, so get your platforming skills ready.

All health upgrade locations in Gravity Circuit


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After the third checkpoint, there is a cracked floor that you can break through. Carefully navigate the spikes while sliding through the tubes to reach the health upgrade at the bottom.


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Once you get to the large hole in the center of the room, jump over it and go to the right to break the cracked wall. You’ll enter a room with lots of spikes, so climb up the right wall. There are four turrets here that shoot out bubbles, so shoot your hookshot at the right moment to get across to the health upgrade.


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One section of the mountains stage will be a long vertical climb. Once you get to the top, instead of going to the right, go left and hit the wall with the red dot to break it. You’ll be in a room with a large pitfall, and you need to use your midair downward attack to bounce off the floating mines. Make your way across to the health upgrade.

City Center

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About halfway through the stage, you’ll reach this part with a dark and starry backdrop. Drop into the pit and slide down the wall to find a secret room with the health upgrade.

All Burst upgrade locations in Gravity Circuit

Power Plant

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Near the end of the stage, there’s a power switch and a healing item next to a wall. Break open the wall, then swing across the spike pit to reach the Burst upgrade. Be careful of the lasers in the ceiling!


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Right after the first checkpoint, you should see this lone purple container. Jump on top, then jump and hookshot upward to find an off-screen truck. Pull yourself up, then jump over to another truck on the left to find the Burst upgrade.

Ore Mines

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After the second checkpoint, make your way through these breakable blocks. There is a cracked spot in the ceiling, so break it to reach an obstacle course full of spikes and breakable blocks.

Make your way through the course quickly, but don’t break every single block, as you may run out of space to stand. If you get spiked at any point, you’ll have to retry the whole obstacle course. The Burst upgrade is waiting for you at the end.

Warehouse Area

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After the first checkpoint, you’ll come across this room. Look carefully—there’s an opening in the spikes at the bottom, so drop into it to reach a secret lower path. Follow it through to reach the final Burst upgrade.

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All Unlockables in Gravity Circuit