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How to Play Gravity Circuit

How to Play Gravity Circuit
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The robot world is under siege by the mysterious Virus Army, and the only one that can stand up to their might is the Gravity Circuit Kai, an elite member of the Guardian Corps. Kai sets out to put a stop to the uprising, now led by former Guardian Corps commanders. Do you have what it takes to lead Kai to victory?

Gravity Circuit is a retro 2D platformer heavily inspired by Capcom’s legendary Mega Man series. Run, dash, and jump your way through tough-as-nails levels. If you’ve never played a classic platformer like this before, it can be a little tricky, so we are here to show you how to play Gravity Circuit.

Gravity Circuit playing guide

To get you started, here are the default controls for Gravity Circuit. You can rebind any of these buttons by going into the game’s settings menu.

  • L-stick/D-pad: Move Kai
  • A button: Jump
  • X button: Attack
  • Hookshot: RT
  • Burst: RB
  • Run: LT
  • Pause: Start

How to move around

Gravity Circuit is a 2D platformer with eight main levels. Your main objective in each level is to make it to the end and defeat the Virus Army commander waiting for you.

Gravity Circuit, also known as Kai, is the main character. You’ll be controlling him as he jumps and fights his way through the eight levels. Use the left stick or d-pad to move Kai around, and you can hold LT to run and move faster. Jumping can get you over obstacles and pits.

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That’s not all the mobility Kai has, though. When you need to cross large holes or get up to a high platform, he can shoot out a hookshot with RT. Hold down RT to attach the hookshot to surfaces, allowing Kai to get to otherwise unreachable places.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

For example, you can cross large pits by shooting the hookshot diagonally into the ceiling, then you can swing back and forth to build momentum and launch yourself over. You can also move Kai up and down to reposition yourself if needed.

How to beat enemies into scrap metal

Now that you know how to move around the levels, it’s time to learn how to fight. Kai will encounter much resistance as he makes his way through the various locations around the city, so he’ll have to be ready to defend himself.

You can perform a basic attack combo by pressing the X button. Each enemy type has its own unique set of attack patterns, so make sure you study them before you get too close. Attack an enemy enough to stun them, at which point they’ll drop scrap that you can use to purchase upgrades and repair yourself.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Stunned enemies turn dark gray, and they will explode on their own after a while. You can use this to your advantage by grabbing stunned enemies with your hookshot and tossing them at other enemies. Keep the mayhem going!

In fact, try using the hookshot on projectiles—you can actually catch some of them that enemies throw at you, sending them right back where they came from! Don’t forget to use the hookshot, as it can greatly expand your combat options.

In addition to the normal attacks, you can also hold a direction before pressing the X button to change the attack. For example, if you hold up and then press X with Kai on the ground, he’ll perform an upward kick that is useful for taking out airborne enemies.

Kai also has access to a set of special moves called Burst Techniques, which inflict massive amounts of damage. Before you can utilize these with the RB button, you need to collect glowing orange Burst Energy, dropped from defeated enemies. You can equip up to four Burst Techniques at a time, and you can learn more by talking to Nega at the Guardian Corps HQ.

Taking down the bosses

At the end of each level lies a Virus Army commander boss. These bosses are quite tough, so be prepared for a battle. Before each boss room are checkpoints where you can repair yourself, so make sure to do so—you don’t want to go into a battle with less than full health.

Before you rush in recklessly, it helps a lot to just hang back and focus on dodging. Each boss has their own unique attack pattern, and studying them is the key to victory. Once you see an opening, go in for some hits, then get back out quickly.

Every boss has moments where they are invincible, indicated by their body flashing. Don’t try to go in for some hits when they’re flashing, as no attacks will work, and you’ll probably end up eating some damage in the process.

Don’t worry if you die, as you simply respawn back at the checkpoint. You have an infinite amount of tries, so don’t stress too much if you’re having issues. Just take what you learned from the last attempt and fight harder this time.

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How to Play Gravity Circuit