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All Unlockable Characters in Idol Showdown

All Unlockable Characters in Idol Showdown
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Hololive fans are well-known for creating exciting games, and among these fan-made games is Idol Showdown, a 2D combat game that features a roster of iconic Hololive VTubers, such as Coco Kiryu, Ayame Nakiri, Korone Inugami, and many more. The game’s mechanics draw inspiration from classic fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter, but with an adorable Hololive twist. As players engage in battles, they can immerse themselves in the vast and colorful world of Hololive, featuring lovingly recreated locations from the virtual realm.

Many fans are interested in knowing which characters are available to play in Idol Showdown. In this guide, we have mentioned the names of all playable characters in Idol Showdown.

List of Playable Characters in Idol Showdown

#1 – Aki Rosenthal

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Aki Rosenthal, one of the oldest Hololive VTubers, is a playable character in Idol Showdown. She summons the almighty MukiRose to help her during fights. Aki can easily close the gap between her and the opponent or make a quick escape when needed using her teleporting skills.

#2 – Ayame Nakiri

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Ayame Nakiri is a beginner-friendly character in Idol Showdown. If you are struggling to get used to Idol Showdown’s combat system, try playing Ayame, as she’s quite easy to learn and has counters to most attacks.

#3 – Boton Shishiro

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Boton, the tactical lioness, is the best character in Idol Showdown. As a fierce and fearsome Virtual YouTuber, it’s no surprise that Boton is among the strongest and most formidable fighters in the game. In terms of gameplay, Boton’s arsenal of weapons makes her an extremely versatile and dangerous opponent.

#4 – Coco Kiryu

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Coco Kiryu, the legendary yakuza dragon, is also a playable character in this game. Her combo attacks can feel confusing and hard to use, but once you are used to it, no enemies will feel tough to you.

#5 – Fubuki Shirakami

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Fubuki Shirakami is another beginner-friendly character in Idol Showdown. Her entire kit depends on whether you are lucky or not. Fubuki Shirakami has a unique passive effect that increases her strength by giving “SSR” effect to her attacks. Unfortunately, the chance of winning this passive effect is based on luck.

#6 – Korone Inugami

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Korone Inugami is one of the cutest Hololive VTubers, and her fans would be delighted to know that she is available in Idol Showdown. Do not let her cute appearance fool you, as she can put up a decent fight against all other characters.

#7 – Sora Tokino

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Sora Tokino has been part of Hololive for many years. Her singing has undoubtedly won the hearts of countless fans, and in Idol Showdown, her musical talents take center stage in a unique and exciting way. Rather than relying solely on traditional combat moves, Sora incorporates her musical skills into her attacks, using instruments like her trusty guitar to deal damage.

#8 – Suisei Hoshimachi

Image via TouchTapPlay

Suisei Hoshimachi is the final playable character in the exciting new fighting game, Idol Showdown. As an advanced type character, Suisei’s moveset is undoubtedly more complex than some of the other fighters in the game, making her a challenging character to master.

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These are all the unlockable characters in Idol Showdown. However, this is just the beginning. As the game continues to gain popularity among fans, it’s likely that we will see even more Hololive VTubers added in future releases.

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All Unlockable Characters in Idol Showdown