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How to Unlock Cosplay in Idol Showdown

How to Unlock Cosplay in Idol Showdown
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All of your favorite Hololive characters are here in Idol Showdown, the ultimate battle to see who is the champion amongst Hololive VTubers. You can play as fan favorites like Sora, Korone, Fubuki, and more! To show off your favorite VTuber, you can even unlock additional outfits for them if you know what to do. Here is how to unlock cosplay in Idol Showdown.

Unlocking cosplay costumes in Idol Showdown

Upon selecting an idol on the character select screen, you are prompted to customize their appearance. You can go with the character’s tried and true default outfit, or you can pick from any of the alternate color outfits, which are referred to as cosplay.

Each idol has six cosplay outfits to choose from, but only the first three are unlocked initially. In order to unlock cosplay outfits 4, 5, and 6, you need to accomplish specific feats with that character. Here is exactly what you have to do:

  • Clearing Virtual Frontier unlocks cosplay 4 for that character.
  • Playing Offline or Online mode against another player unlocks cosplay 5 for that character.
  • Clearing Arcade mode unlocks cosplay 6 for that character.
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So, let us say for example you want to unlock Korone’s sixth cosplay outfit. To do that, you would have to complete a full play through of Arcade mode using Korone. As soon as you finish Arcade mode, the cosplay outfit should unlock.

Do not worry if you are not too familiar with fighting games, as you can pretty much brute force your way through all the unlock conditions. If you lose during Arcade mode, you have to start over from the beginning, but your second run should go smoother now that you are more familiar with the character.

If you are really struggling with a specific character, we recommend going into Training mode and just mess around with them for a while. As long as you know most of their moves, you should be able to make it through just fine.

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How to Unlock Cosplay in Idol Showdown