All Trophies List in Infinitode 2

All Trophies List in Infinitode 2

Infinitode 2 is an entertaining tower defense game where you can defeat waves of enemies to the point of infinity. By reaching certain levels in the game and fighting off certain waves of enemies, you will earn trophies. In this article, we will help you a little and tell you about all the trophies in the game, as well as how to get them.

All Trophies List in Infinitode 2

Unlike most other games, trophies in the game Infinitode 2 bring real benefits during battles. Each of these gives you an infinite passive effect during the battle, which can extend both to individual elements of the gameplay, and the entire game.

Next, we will name all the available trophies in the game, as well as indicate at what level you can get them, and which wave you need to win.

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Trophies List:

  • That’s the story: You get this trophy after defeating the final boss on level 5.8.
  • Dev: You will get this trophy when you unlock developer mode.
  • Millionaire: You will receive this trophy after you exceed 1 million points at any level in the game.
  • Master: You will receive this trophy the moment you complete all the story mode quests up to level 5.8.
  • Tower Basic: level 1.1, wave 58.
  • Tower Sniper: level 1.2, wave 63.
  • Tower Cannon: level 1.3, wave 64.
  • Tower Freezing: level 1.5, wave 68.
  • Resource Scalar: level 2.1, wave 69.
  • Tower Air: level 2.2, wave 71.
  • Miner Scalar: level 2.3, wave 74.
  • Modifier Balance: level 2.4, wave 72.
  • Resource Vector: level 2.5 wave 69.
  • Tower Splash: level 2.6, wave 69.
  • Miner Vector: level 2.7, wave 76.
  • Resource Matrix: level 3.1, wave 69.
  • Tower Blast: level 3.2, wave 91.
  • Modifier Search: level 3.3, wave 87.
  • Miner Matrix: level 3.4, wave 126.
  • Tower Multishot: level 3.5, wave 91.
  • Modifier Power: level 3.6, wave 90.
  • Tower Minigun: level 3.7, wave 98.
  • Resource Tensor: level 4.1, wave 89.
  • Tower Venom: level 4.2, wave 114.
  • Modifier Damage: level 4.3, wave 121.
  • Modifier Attack Speed: level 4.4, wave 107.
  • Miner Tensor: level 4.5, wave 108.
  • Tower Tesla: level 4.6, wave 105.
  • Modifier Mining Speed: level 4.7, wave 128.
  • Resource Infiar: level 5.1, wave 115.
  • Tower Missile: level 5.2, wave 134.
  • Modifier Bounty: level 5.3, wave 126.
  • Miner Infiar: level 5.4, wave 138.
  • Tower Flamethrower: level 5.5, wave 155.
  • Modifier Experience: level 5.6, wave 135.
  • Tower Laser: level 5.7, wave 180.

We strongly recommend that you get as many trophies as possible, because the effects they give you will help you extremely in the endless battle mode.

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All Trophies List in Infinitode 2


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