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The Terminator is back, and this time it’s infiltrated World of Tanks! The latest Battle Pass Special is a collaboration between The Terminator and World of Tanks. Earning points in this Battle Pass Special will net you a bunch of cool Terminator 2: Judgment Day themed rewards. Today, we’ll show you all things included in ‘Judgment Day’ Battle Pass Special in World of Tanks!

Every Reward in World of Tanks Judgement Day Battle Pass Special

Starting January 12 and lasting until January 26, players can earn points towards the Battle Pass: Judgment Day. This Battle Pass is completely separate from the normal 2023 Battle Pass, and it has its own rewards track.

Battle Pass: Judgment Day features 50 stages. Upon reaching certain stages, players earn a special Terminator 2 themed reward. Players must earn 50 points to advance to the next stage. Points can be earned through the following methods:

  • Random Battles Tier VI-X vehicles
    • Top 3 win: 7 points, top 3 loss: 5 points
    • Top 10 win: 5 points, top 10 loss: 3 points
  • Daily Missions
    • Tier I: 10 points
    • Tier II: 15 points
    • Tier III: 20 points
    • Bonus: 25 points

In addition, all vehicles have a Point Limit. Earning points with the same vehicle multiple times will go towards its individual Point Limit.

When you hit the limit, you will immediately earn additional points, based on the vehicle’s tier. Points earned from Daily Missions are not counted towards the Point Limit.

  • Tier VI – Point Limit: 100. Bonus points: 15
  • Tier VII – Point Limit: 250. Bonus points: 20
  • Tier VIII – Point Limit: 400. Bonus points: 25
  • Tier IX – Point Limit: 550. Bonus points: 30
  • Tier X – Point Limit: 700. Bonus points: 35

There are two versions of the pass: the Base Pass and Improved Pass. The Improved Pass must be purchased for 3,500 Gold.

Here is the complete list of rewards for the Battle Pass: Judgment Day, so you can see all the specialized decals and the like.

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  • T-832 tank
  • The Future Is Set medal
  • Mimetic Polyalloy 2D style
  • Step Into Eternity 2D style
  • Skynet Bastion 2D style
  • Machine decal
  • Premiere Poster decal
  • Mother of the Year decal
  • Hasta La Vista, Baby inscription
  • I’ll Be Back inscription
  • No Problemo inscription
  • John Connor commander
  • T-800 commander
  • T-1000 commander
  • Sarah Connor commander

Of course, the standout reward here is the T-832, a specialized tank that is designed with a Terminator-like appearance. Strike fear into your enemies on the battlefield by becoming an unstoppable assailant!

That concludes our list of all things included in Judgment Day Battle Pass Special in World of Tanks. If you have any other questions about this Battle Pass Special, let us know in the comments below!

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All Things Included In ‘Judgment Day’ Battle Pass Special – World Of Tanks


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