Super Bomberman R Online

While the Bomberman series always placed good emphasis on the multiplayer modes, it’s only with Super Bomberman R Online that the series has become a multiplayer powerhouse, featuring multiple play modes that will put your bombing skills to the test. While the battle royale mode is the star of the show here, there are a few additional modes that bring some welcome variety to the experience.

Here’s everything you need to know about the three Super Bomberman R Online play modes.

All Super Bomberman R Online Play Modes Explained

Battle 64

Battle 64 is the play mode most players will spend the majority of their time in the game. This mode is a unique battle royale play mode where 64 players will compete, and only one will emerge victorious.

Unlike other battle royale games, players aren’t thrown together in the same area, but in sixteen different ones with six rounds. The first five rounds last one minute, while the sixth and final one three minutes. In the final 15 seconds of the sixth round, you are given the chance to move to another area.

For the rest, Battle 64 plays like traditional Bomberman, with plenty of power-ups that you can use to take down your opponents. Do note that characters have different stats here, so the battle will actually start at the character selection screen, as the correct character for your playstyle can make quite a difference.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix mode plays exactly as it does in Super Bomberman R. Two teams of six players compete for the most points, with points getting awarded differently depending on the ruleset picked at the start of the match. Defeated players are respawned after 5 seconds, and blocks will fall in the arena in the middle of the match.

The two rules available at the time of writing are Crystal, which makes players earn points by collecting crystals found in the arena, and Basic Bomber, where points are awarded by killing opponents. In Basic Bomber, all players have a limited number of respawns, and once they are out of lives, they are out of the game.


Standard is the most classic of Bomberman’s classic multiplayer modes. Up to 16 players will be sent into an arena to blast each other out using bombs and different power-ups. The last player standing will be the victor.

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