All Sumeru City Luxurious Chests Location in Genshin Impact

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To play Genshin Impact comfortably, you need to have a lot of resources. And there are only 2 ways to get them. The first is by paying real money, and the second is by playing the game a lot. This guide is for players who have chosen the second option. Read it, and you will find all of Sumeru city’s luxurious chests locations in Genshin Impact.

Where to Find Luxurious Chests in Genshin Impact

In Sumeru City, there are only 3 locations where you can find luxurious chests. And to be honest, doing it is beneficial. Opening these chests is the best way to get some resources in Genshin Impact fast. However, only you decide whether to do it or not. So, let’s start with the first location.

Location 1

The first location is the most straightforward location to find the luxurious chest. So, when you have teleported, you must enter Akademiya (the large building just in front of you). After that, you need to enter the central room. Here you need to go right and look under the stairs. Here you will find the chest.

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Location 2

To find this location, you need to use the west teleport. After that, use the ramp and go left. Look on the right side; you will find a chest on a tree branch. Feel free to loot it anytime you want.

Location 3

To get the last chest, you must go to the city’s top. Here you will find a large gold building. So, all you need to get the chest is to climb to the top of the building. When you have it done, you will see a large branch on the left. Just walk on this branch until you see the tree. That is how it is.

In conclusion, there are 3 locations where you can find luxurious chests in Sumeru city. Do not worry. Doing it will not take a lot of time but will benefit you. So, thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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All Sumeru City Luxurious Chests Location in Genshin Impact


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