Now is your chance to live your dream out as an All Star Quarterback! All Star Quarterback is a fusion between player-management and QB simulation. Train, plan, and execute your greatest plays with the help of our All Star Quarterback cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

It’s all about you in the QB simulation game. Handle your relationships with your fans, train your body, practice your plays, and more. You’ll get it all done with our All Star Quarterback strategy guide to becoming the ultimate quarterback!

1. Don’t worry about losing during the beginning!

During the game’s tutorial, there will be several times where you are forced into a game against another team. More often than not you’re going to lose these initial games, because your QB isn’t that strong yet. Don’t worry, as the tutorial will replenish your stamina and show you how to improve.

2. Practice all of your available plays at least once!

If you practice a play, you can level it up and it’ll decrease the stamina cost and risk of the play. It’s really easy too – just wait for the arrow above the receiver to turn green, then slide towards him. If done right, you should get a PERFECT! Every time you get a perfect, the play will level up once. When you’re starting out, you should level up all of your available plays at least once, because getting them to level 2 decreases the stamina cost by 5%, letting you stay in the game for much longer.

3. Work out to increase your stats!

You have three main stats: agility, speed, and strength. Increasing these stats unlocks more plays for you to try out, so it’s important you keep these leveled.

  • Agility is leveled by waiting for the boxes on the left and right sides to fill up. Tap them when they’re filled quickly to get higher points.
  • Speed is done by tapping when your QB is over the dash lines. Try to time it perfectly to get more points!
  • Strength is done by tapping the boxes as fast as you can.

4. Increase your reputation!

Your reputation is represented by the social tab. You can see how well your fans, the media, your team, and your coach like you. Keep these values up as they will earn you more cash and fans, which in the long run means more wages. If you’ve got stamina to spare, you can increase the reputation of one of these categories. Keep in touch with society and it’ll do you good, as you’ll begin to attract sponsors as you become more popular. Sponsors are a great way to increase wages too!

5. Balance out your activities!

Unlike other games, your energy resource (stamina) in this game does not refill automatically overtime. You must spend cash to buy energy drinks to refill your stamina, but thankfully by the end of the tutorial your income per game should be at least 15, which is enough to afford the cheapest energy drink. Balance out your stamina by working on your plays, training, and social stats equally. Don’t forget to throw in a game here and there too to earn some cash for energy drinks!

6. Try out some gloves!

You can buy gloves on the main screen that give passive bonuses to your base stats. The gloves deteriorate over time though, so they don’t last forever. They’re great for tackling a tough team, and the first pair you get is on the house courtesy of your awesome coach, so try them out!

7. Feeling lucky? Try your hand at the casino!

In the casino, you can bet your cash in roulette, slots, or blackjack. If you feel like you’ve got luck on your side, try these minigames out for a chance at some extra cash.

Now you should be on your way to becoming the ultimate quarterback. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


    • Idk exactly which play that is, but I find that on plays where the receiver is approaching the sideline, I find success by swiping behind the receiver. For the most part, it works on the short plays.

  1. How many seasons can I play? I’m currently on season 12. I’m considering staying with my current team to finish my career, but I’ll get bored if I stay there too long…


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