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All Soldier 76 Voice Lines in Overwatch 2

All Soldier 76 Voice Lines in Overwatch 2

Soldier: 76, the battle hardened veteran from the original Overwatch, returns as the tried and true damage hero. Despite his gruff appearance, he very much still cares for his team, no matter how jaded he seems now, and this is all reflected in his new voice lines. Today, we’ll show you all Soldier 76 voice lines in Overwatch 2!

Soldier: 76’s Complete Voice Lines List in Overwatch 2

Unlocking voice lines works a little differently compared to Overwatch 1. All the regular voice lines can be unlocked via Overwatch Coins, but the seasonal event voice lines can only be acquired when the event is happening, or through the shop.

Regular Voice Lines

  • I didn’t start this war… but I’ll damn well finish it.
  • I’m an army of one.
  • I’ve still got it.
  • That’s “sir” to you.
  • You didn’t make the cut.
  • I’m the one who does his job… I’m thinkin’, you’re the other one.
  • Young punks… get off my lawn!
  • Not on my watch.
  • Old soldiers never die, and they don’t fade away.
  • Sit down!
  • Smells like victory.
  • What are you lookin’ at?

Summer Games Voice Lines

  • Fore!
  • Bring the noise!
  • You want a medal?

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Halloween Terror Voice Lines

  • Everyone has ghosts.
  • Knock knock.
  • Dying’s not much of a living.
  • Trick or treat.
  • What, are you scared?

Winter Wonderland

  • Merry Christmas.
  • Stay frosty.

Lunar New Year

  • Respect your elders!
  • The rooster crows at midnight.

Archives Voice Lines

  • Don’t call me a hero.
  • I’m not getting any younger.
  • Show some respect.
  • Whatever you say.

Anniversary Voice Lines

  • I’m not your father.
  • I’ve died a hero, and lived long enough to become the villain.
  • Settle down.
  • You want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
  • You’re the boss.

That’s all Solder 76 voice lines in Overwatch 2. Soldier: 76 is definitely a fan favorite character, and people love to use his voice lines during matches. Which voice lines are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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All Soldier 76 Voice Lines in Overwatch 2


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