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All Skills in Roblox SPTS Endless Ranked

All Skills in Roblox SPTS Endless Ranked
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Super Power Training Simulator Endless is all about special skills or abilities. If you want to bring your status as a Superhero or a Supervillain up, you will need to unlock as many as you can by completing the Quests of Sathopian or leveling up specific stats.

As you acquire new skills in SPTS Endless, they will show up in the menu, and you will have more ways to defend yourself, attack other players, or move around in the game. Since the developers keep adding new skills and you can’t see them all before you unlock each special ability, we bring you a ranked list of all the skills in Roblox SPTS so that you know which ones are worth your time right away.

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Ranked List of All Skills in Roblox SPTS Endless

SPTS Endless Roblox map
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In the table below, we bring you all currently known skills in Roblox SPTS Endless ranked in different tiers based on how useful we found them in the game.

TierSPTS Endless Skills
SConceal/Reveal Aura, Arcane Blast, Blade Dance
AInferno Spikes, Fury Fist, Chaos Barrage, Blazequake, Aura Eruption, Cyclone Surge, Skyfall Strike, Thunderburst, Endless Storm
BBullet Punch, Crystal Burst, Annihilation Beam, Spiral Nova, Rage Smash, Radiant Burst, Nether Blast, Soul Explosion, Water Run, Fly, Raging Tempest, Judgement Light, Glacial Bloom, Invisibility, Soul Attack, Demonic Cage, Supernova Bomb, Magma Wave, Hell’s Quicksand, Enchanted Doom,
CEnergy Sphere Punch, Soul Devourer, Damage Reflection, Asteroid Strike, Meteor Smash, Teleport, Mystic Tornado, Whirling Havoc, Killing Intent Aura, Spatial Distortion, Phantom Summon,
DPunch, Death Wrath, Void Piercer

Even though SPTS Endless features a bunch of useful advanced skills, we had a lot of fun with the Conceal/Reveal Aura. It allows you to mask your aura and fists and make you appear like a total noob, which is ideal for some covert action. Besides this skill, we found Blade Dance particularly useful and the impressive Arcane Blast that deals a whole lot of damage—especially when you get it to the max level.

There you have it—all the skills in Roblox SPTS ranked in tiers. Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below. And if you’re looking for more Roblox fun, check out our suggestions for the best Harry Potter-themed Roblox games!

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All Skills in Roblox SPTS Endless Ranked


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