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All Ship Sizes and Stats in Old School RuneScape

All Ship Sizes and Stats in Old School RuneScape
Screenshot via Old School RuneScape YouTube

If there were one thing missing in Old School RuneScape, we’d say it was sailing. However, it seems that we’re finally getting this skill as it was the choice number one for many players who voted in the developers’ poll regarding future updates.

Therefore, we already know how players will sail, whether there will be different weather options, and some other information. In this article, we bring you all known details on different ship sizes and stats in Old School RuneScape so that you can prepare for sailing in time.

All Ship Sizes and Stats in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape sailing
Screenshot via Old School RuneScape YouTube

The developers have plans for introducing three types of ships based on their sizes:

  • Small
  • Large
  • Colossal

According to how large they are, the vessels will have different speeds, levels, and numbers of possible upgrades. While small and large ships are designed for one person, that only means that one player is needed to sail the ship. You can still put as many players on the vessel as it can fit.

Here’s the overview of all ship sizes and their related stats.

Small Ships

These vessels are meant for only one sailor and shallow waters. Due to their size, you won’t be able to upgrade them as much as other types of ships. When it comes to the stats of small ships, you can find all the details in the list below:

  • Base Sailing Speed (Tiles per tick): 1.5
  • Base Turning Speed (Ticks to turn 90 degrees): 2
  • Rough Ship Size (in tiles): 2-3 wide, 3-4 long
  • Upgradeable Facilities: 2-3
  • Floors: 1

Large Ships

If you want to venture further out and explore some more dangerous waters, then go for one of the larger ships. They are still designed primarily for one passenger but offer more options for upgrades, meaning that it is more complex to navigate them properly. Here are the stats for large ships in Old School RuneScape:

  • Base Sailing Speed (Tiles per tick): 1
  • Base Turning Speed (Ticks to turn 90 degrees): 4
  • Rough Ship Size (in tiles): 4-6 wide, 6-10 long
  • Upgradeable Facilities: 5-6
  • Floors: 2

Colossal Ships

As the name says, these vessels are supposed to be real behemoths of sailing in Old School RuneScape. To operate them, you will need a group of players working simultaneously. Thanks to their size and enough space for multiple upgrades, you will be able to explore the most dangerous waters with these ships. If you’re interested in numbers, find the stats of colossal ships below:

  • Base Sailing Speed (Tiles per tick): 0.5
  • Base Turning Speed (Ticks to turn 90 degrees): 6
  • Rough Ship Size (in tiles): 8-10 wide, 12-16 long
  • Upgradeable Facilities: 8-10
  • Floors: 3

And there you have it—all ship sizes and stats for the new sailing skill in Old School RuneScape. For more helpful guides, explore the rest of our dedicated Old School RuneScape section here on TouchTapPlay.

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All Ship Sizes and Stats in Old School RuneScape