All Seismometer Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3


Fortnite’s Chapter 3 has some new and interesting quests for players to complete. And in this article we’ll be focusing on a quest from The Scientist, an NPC (Non-player character) in the game.

The Scientist’s quest is the first among the others that’ll see pauees visiting LogJam Lumberyard to get details of their next objective.


Once you arrive at the location, you’ll be instructed to find and retrieve readings from Seismometers all around. Where it becomes a bit challenging is that you must find three Seismometers in a single match.

So in this guide we’ll be helping you make the quest a tad easier by showing and telling you the locations of these Seismometers and allow you complete the Chapter 3 quest faster.

Locating the Seismometers in Fortnite Chapter 3

In order to find the location of the Seismometers, you’d have to focus your search on the northwest quadrant of the game’s map as there are a ton of them in that area.

Below we’ve attached a screenshot of the Fortnite map that showcases the locations of all the Seismometers. We suggest heading there by taking a vehicle or bike from LogJam Lumberyard and driving to the closest Seismometer location.


Once you’ve made your way to the northwest quadrant of the map but can’t seem to find them easily, below are the exact locations on where to look:

– There’s one on a hill northwest of LogJam Lumberyard.

– There’s another on a hill at the far north end part of the map.

– There’s another close to a stree stump by the edge of the map.

– One is hidden behind a bush southwest of LogJam Lumberyard.

– You’ll find one on the bank of the southwest river in LogJam Lumberyard.

– One is close to a Fortnite Reboot van and a tiny wooden structure.

– You’ll locate another near the coast that leads to the southwest of a Seven Outpost.

– Head further down the west coast, you’ll find one.

– Then there’s one on a hill that leads to the north of Camp Cuddle.

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All Seismometer Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3


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