Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo II Resurrected features a ton of different mechanics, such as the rune mechanics, that allow players to customize their gear and let them come up with some very unique builds. As such, knowing exactly what each Rune does is extremely important to plan out these builds and make them viable for all difficulty settings.

Here are all of the runes available in Diablo II Resurrected, their effects, and how to upgrade them via the Horadric Cube.

All Runes in Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo II Resurrected features 33 different runes which all come with different effects for weapons, armors, helms, or shields. Additionally, all runes have a minimum required level, meaning that a character needs to be at this level or higher to equip the item in which a specific rune has been socketed.

NameMinimum LevelWeapon EffectArmor EffectShield EffectUpgrade
El11+50 attack rating
+1 light radius
+15 defense
+1 light radius
+75% damage versus undead
+50 attack rating versus undead
15% slower stamina drain
+7% chance to block3 El
Tir13+2 mana per kill

+2 mana after each kill
3 Eld
Nef13Knockback+30 missile defense3 Tir
Eth13-25% target defense

+15% mana regeneration
3 Nef
Ith15+9 max damage

15% damage taken goes to mana
3 Eth
Tal17+75 poison damage over 5 seconds
+30% poison resist
+35% poison resist3 Ith
Add 5-30 fire damage

+30% fire resist
+35% fire resist3 Tal
Add 1-50 lightning damage
+30% lightning resist+35% lightning resist3 Ral
Add 3-14 cold damage (3 seconds length)
+30% cold resist+35% cold resist3 Ort
Amn257% life stolen per hitAttacker takes damage of 143 Thul + Chipped Topaz
Sol27+9 min damage
Damage reduced by 73 Amn + Chipped Amethyst
Shael2920% increased attack speed20% faster hit recovery20% faster block rate3 Sol + Chipped Sapphire
Dol3125% chance of hit causing monster to flee+7 replenish life3 Shael + Chipped Ruby
HelNo Level requirement-20% requirements-15% requirements3 Dol + Chipped Emerald
Io35+10 vitality+10 vitality3 Hel + Chipped Diamond
+10 energy
+10 energy3 Io + Flawed Topaz
Ko39+10 dexterity+10 dexterity3 Lum + Flawed Amethyst
+10 strength
+10 strength3 Ko + Flawed Sapphire
75% extra gold from monsters
50% extra gold from monsters3 Fal + Flòawed Ruby
Pul45+75% damage to demons
+100 attack rating against demons
+30% enhanced defense3 Lem + Flawed Emerald
25% chance of open wounds
+15 all resistances+22 all resistances2 Pul + Flawed Diamond
Mal49Prevent monsters from healingMagic damage reduced by 72 Um + Topaz
Ist51+30% better magic find+25% better magic find2 Mal + Amethyst
Gul53+20% bonus to attack rating+5% to max poison resist2 Ist + Sapphire
Vex557% mana stolen per hit
+5% to max fire resist2 Gul + Ruby
Ohm57+50% enhanced damage
+5% to max cold resist2 Vex + Emerald
Lo59+20% deadly strike

+5% to max lightning resist
2 Ohm + Diamond
Sur61Blinds target upon hit+5% max mana+50 mana2 Lo + Flawless Topaz
Ber63+20% chance of crushing blow

Damage reduced by 8%
2 Sur + Flawless Amethyst
Jah65Ignore target’s defense

+5% max life
+50 life2 Ber + Flawless Sapphire
Cham67Freeze target +3
Freeze immunity2 Jah + Flawless Ruby
2 Cham + Flawless Emerald

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