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All Roles Explained in Town of Salem 2 – Character List

All Roles Explained in Town of Salem 2 – Character List
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A coven has taken over Salem and you must join others to try and identify and eliminate killers. Up to 14 players can join, each with a role to fulfil as their own chosen character. With so many unique abilities to take on and strategies to play, the game is never the same twice! Before jumping into a game, let’s explore all available roles and characters in Town of Salem 2 so you know what to expect.

Characters and Roles in Town of Salem 2

There are 14 default characters players can choose from and 8 which can be paid for with Points. Grim is the only character so far who can be unlocked by referring five friends to Town of Salem. Characters are chosen purely as an aesthetic and have nothing to do with their role (or else it would be super easy to see who was performing each role!)

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Town of Salem Character List

The default and paid characters available to play in Town of Salem are:

  • Mary (Default)
  • Giles (Default)
  • Jack (Default)
  • Brokk (Default)
  • Artemys (Default)
  • Francisco (Default)
  • Avery (Default)
  • Jackie (Default)
  • Davey (Default)
  • Catherine (Default)
  • Martha (Default)
  • Samuel (Default)
  • Liric (Default)
  • Blythe (Default)
  • Grim (Referral)
  • Bridget (Paid)
  • Lupin (Paid)
  • Vladimir (Paid)
  • Nikki (Paid)
  • Petra (Paid)
  • Rosemary (Paid)
  • Gerald (Paid)
  • Shinrin (Paid)
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Available Roles in Town of Salem 2

Those of you who are familiar with the first Town of Salem may well know some of these roles already but there are a few extras so let’s explore every one included.

Town InvestigativeCoroner, Investigator, Lookout, Psychic, Seer, Sheriff, Spy, TrackerTown allies.
Can help determine the roles, alignments, and abilities of others through investigation and information gathering.
Town KillingDeputy, Trickster, Veteran, VigilanteTown allies.
Will eliminate opponents in complimentary roles working alongside hanging trials.
Town SupportAdmirer, Amnesiac, Retributionist, Tavern KeeperTown allies.
Can work alongside other roles and alignments to gather information, or cause deaths indirectly.
Town ProtectiveBodyguard, Cleric, Crusader, TrapperTown allies.
Will protect other Town allies through killing, healing or sacrifice.
Town PowerJailor, Mayor, Monarch, ProsecutorTown allies and leaders.
Helps assist opponent deaths through jailing or altering vote numbers.
Coven PowerCoven Leader, Hex Master, WitchCoven allies and leaders.
Is in charge of the Necronomicon and can appear innocent to the Sheriff at first. Also has the power to kill.
Coven KillingJinx, Ritualist, ConjurerCoven allies.
All have the power to kill and perform attacks.
Coven DeceptionDreamweaver, Enchanter, Illusionist, MedusaCoven allies.
Will manipulate the Town allies into hanging innocents or persuading them to spare Coven members.
Coven UtilityNecromancer, Poisoner, Potion Master, Voodoo Master, WildlingCoven allies.
Support for the Coven in information gathering like Town Support, also granted the power to kill through the Necronomicon.
Neutral ApocalypseBaker/Famine, Berserker/War, Plaguebearer/Pestilence, Soul Collector/Death, Horseman of the ApocalypseNot allied to Coven or Town. One spawn per normal mode.
Desperate to start the apocalypse. Special Four Horseman mode spawns all four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Neutral KillingArsonist, Serial Killer, Shroud, WerewolfNot allied to Coven or Town.
Will kill any member of any alignment except their own.
Neutral EvilDoomsayer, Jester, Pirate, ExecutionerNot allied to Coven or Town.
Chaos bringers each with a specific want or need to accomplish.
Special Vampire, Cursed SoulVampire: only in Dracula’s Palace mode. Wants to kill or convert all to Vampires.
Cursed Soul: can swap souls with another at night.

Which role would you want to take on? Would you be on the side of good or evil? Download Town of Salem 2 from Steam and find out which role you flourish as!

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All Roles Explained in Town of Salem 2 – Character List