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How to Play with Friends in Town of Salem 2

Learn how to group up and play in a party with your friends in Town of Salem 2.

Town of Salem 2 brings the multiplayer murder mystery game to a whole new level, with new mechanics, roles, and systems in play now, offering another layer of strategy to the game. Of course, these kinds of social deduction games are always way more fun with friends, so here is how to play with friends in Town of Salem 2.

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How to group up with your friends in Town of Salem 2

As of writing, the only way to play with your friends in Town of Salem 2 is to use custom lobbies. Custom lobbies give you full control over the players in the game, as you will need to manually invite each player one by one.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this effectively means you cannot play with both your friends and random players through matchmaking. This omission is especially notable since the original Town of Salem let you group with friends to play with strangers.

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Thankfully, there is light at the end of this tunnel. The official early access roadmap for Town of Salem 2 shows that a party system is one of the key features they are working on right now. It is a high priority feature because the devs know how important it is to groups of friends.

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Today’s update patch mentions that the party system is currently in the works, but it is not quite ready to deploy yet. Hopefully, this means that we should be getting the party system feature in the coming weeks.

Stay up-to-date with all the latest updates and announcements for Town of Salem 2 by keeping an eye on the aforementioned early access roadmap. You can also join the official Town of Salem 2 Discord server for breaking news and updates. Until then, stay vigilant, and watch your back—anything can happen in the Town of Salem!

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How to Play with Friends in Town of Salem 2