Home Codes All Roblox Music Codes (February 2023) | Song IDs

All Roblox Music Codes (February 2023) | Song IDs

All Roblox Music Codes (February 2023) | Song IDs
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Bopping along your favorite tunes while playing Roblox sounds like the perfect way to spend your free time. Even though you might not find all your favorite latest hits in the catalog, there are some great songs that will make all your Roblox gaming time much more pleasant.

Still, to make sure you get the tunes you enjoy, here is an updated selection of the most popular Roblox Music codes and song IDs. That way, you can create your dream playlist and not waste time on expired IDs.

Active Roblox Music codes (February 2023)

All the Roblox Music song IDs in the list below are currently working. If you’re having issues getting any of the songs with these codes, that might mean it is expired. That being the case, let us know in the comments, and we will update our list accordingly.

  • Break Free: 1845243312
  • Filipino: 1845953530
  • Grandes Amores: 1845869992
  • Young Girl: 1845888520
  • Number One: 1845282801
  • Kung Fu: 1845973140
  • Ghetto Life: 1844088086
  • The God Flow: 1843676148
  • Hard for Mine: 1843703554
  • Life Like Party: 1843993470
  • Drink Drink: 1844062089
  • Name in Light: 1844125168
  • This Is Love: 1844204153
  • Selfish: 1844859355
  • Rihanna – SOS: 6901063458
  • All My Ladies: 1841374556
  • Girl on Fire: 1841870756
  • New York Girls: 1840678351
  • Africa: 1841280788
  • Untrust Us: 1841225156
  • Big Smoke: 1841168928
  • Midnight: 1840797612
  • Baby Sleep: 1840426898
  • Disco Wing: 1840735030
  • Funk Junk: 1840849417
  • In the Light: 1840901687
  • In the Mood: 1843337134
  • Got That Feeling: 1842099066
  • Shine: 1842095470
  • Breaking the Rule: 1843991484
  • Runway: 1841295196
  • Big Daddy: 1844941967
  • Celebration: 1844776783
  • El Tiger: 1843671684
  • Germain: 1845008715
  • Shorty Go Ahead: 1843641380
  • That Guy: 1841374480
  • La Di Da: 1843963098
  • Where I Belong: 1841374945
  • Fairytale: 1844025982
  • Capoeira: 1842497261
  • Caribbean: 1844753491
  • Istanbul: 1843224400
  • Texas Blues: 1844810579
  • Wanna Be Your Man: 1841539117
  • Bonfire: 1843391768
  • Listen Up: 1843423696
  • Show Your Love: 1843527466
  • Bees: 1843504217
  • Never Gonna Give: 1843493183

Roblox Music codes Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more help with using Roblox Music Song IDs, check out the sections below.

How to redeem Roblox Music codes

To listen to music in Roblox games, you need to get a Boombox first. You can get one from the Avatar Shop, but it will cost you some Robux, so be prepared. After you get it, you can go to the game that supports music players and equip your Boombox, then enter the codes from the list above and hit Play. If the code you entered is still valid, you will hear your new favorite tunes right away.

Where to look for Roblox Music codes and Song IDs

Since this is a popular Roblox feature, many websites and YouTube channels pump out content with music codes and song IDs for Roblox Music. However, many of them contain outdated codes that are no longer working.

One of the best ways to make sure you have something to listen to while playing Roblox games is to find a reliable source with updated lists of song IDs. Therefore, we recommend you to bookmark our page and come back regularly for more updates and the latest Roblox Music codes, because hunting for working song IDs can become tedious quite fast.

Why are my Roblox Music codes not working?

One of the main issues with Roblox Music codes is that they get pulled back rather fast—especially if it is popular copyrighted music. Because of possible infringement issues, many Roblox Music codes expire soon. If the song ID you found is not doing anything on your Boombox, it is probably beyond its expiration date.

Another reason could be misspelling. Song IDs for Roblox Music are usually long numbers, and if you’re not copying and pasting it, it is quite easy to make a mistake like switching digits or typing something in incorrectly. The best way to avoid this problem is to copy the code from the list above and paste it directly into your Boombox’s text field.

How to listen to music in Roblox games without purchasing a Boombox

You are not required to purchase a Boombox to experiment with music in Roblox. There are some free experiences that you can make use of and test your Song IDs first. We recommend using the game Free Boombox/Radio to try it all out.

When you spawn, you will notice a Boombox in your inventory at the bottom of the screen. Equip it by clicking on the Boombox icon, then click on the Boombox and type or copy and paste a code from the list, and hit Play! to enjoy some sick beats!

In the mood for something more relaxing? Check out how to get the Clair de Lune on your Roblox Boombox with this code, or get more freebies for your favorite games with our codes section.

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All Roblox Music Codes (February 2023) | Song IDs



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