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All Religions in Starfield Explained | Everything You Need to Know

All Religions in Starfield Explained | Everything You Need to Know
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Even in a world of futuristic space exploration you cannot avoid humanity’s quest to understand the complexities of the unknown. In Starfield, there are three main religions that people, and that means your character too, can join. Your choice doesn’t really have an effect on the game itself but does add a little spice. Find out about each of the available religions in Starfield, below!

Choosing a Religion in Starfield

The three religions in Starfield are: House Va’ruun, The Enlightened, and Sanctum Universum. Even though your choice won’t make too much difference to your general gameplay you will want to think about which is best suited to your own playstyle. They have advantages and disadvantages, like any choice in a game like this, so pick wisely.

Image via Bethesda

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House Va’ruun

First up is Slytherin, sorry, House of Va’ruun. This cult worships the Great Serpent because one guy had a ‘vision’ of a snake who told him a prophecy, and everyone was just like “oh yeah sure ok that sounds normal”. The group now believes that the Great Serpent will devour the universe unless humanity keeps grav jumping. Advantage: Increased HP and O2 when jumping. Disadvantage: HP and O2 will decrease if you do not jump regularly.

The Enlightened

This group are the arrogantly self-proclaimed ‘Enlightened’ and the atheists of this universe. Their main mission is to explore and discover, and to spread the word of scientific progress across the stars. Their main focus seems to be community outreach and charity programs. Advantage: Access to the Enlightened special chest and vendor. Disadvantage: No access to the Sanctum Universum chest.

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Sanctum Universum

A little more familiar to anyone who knows about monotheism in our world, this group believes in one true deity. They think that the grav drive was invented via God’s guidance and is Their tool to give humanity to see Them one day. Advantage: Access to the Universum special chest. Disadvantage: No access to the Enlightened vendor.

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All Religions in Starfield Explained | Everything You Need to Know