The Pro Sports update arrived in BitLife in 2020 on IOS and 2021 on Android, and along with it came new options and scenarios including becoming a famous sportsperson. There are 7 different sports to choose from with leagues to be involved with all across the BitLife world. As a professional athlete you also earn the ‘Fame’ stat, as you have become well known for your sporting skill!

Becoming a Pro Sportsperson in BitLife

Getting a professional sport career is aided by having skills in athleticism. Being athletic as a teen will help you progress easier in a sport and help you master it in order to become a pro. In Secondary/High School you will be able to see how high your athleticism is and whether it is worth pursuing a career in your chosen sport. By working hard at school, joining a sports club, and working on the sporting skills such as Hitting, Throwing, Dribbling, Passing, etc, you will be ready for a career in sports.

Train hard and you will be a pro in no time! (BitLife)

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Once you leave school you may be offered a scholarship or a contract with a sports team. The best course to take, if you want to be a pro athlete, is to join a team instead of going to university. This may mean emigrating with your family but it is worth it as you could end up making a lot of money! If you don’t receive an offer you can still find a sporting career in the usual place- under the Special Careers section of the Jobs tab. As long as you practice and and train with your team you will soon be a successful sportsperson.

The available sporting careers, and countries in which they are available, are:

  • American Football (USA)
  • Baseball (USA)
  • Basketball (USA)
  • Hockey (USA)
  • Soccer (Men: UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Italy. Women: USA, UK)
  • Rugby (UK, Australia)
  • Volleyball (USA)

Good luck in your sporting career!

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