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All Power Ups in Tiny Thor

All Power Ups in Tiny Thor
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Thor’s journey to stop Loki is not going to be easy, but thankfully, the ancient Norns left behind mystical Runes that contain unlimited power. Whenever Thor finds these Runes, he unlocks a permanent power up that grants him powerful new abilities. Here are all power ups in Tiny Thor, and where to get them.

How to get all power ups in Tiny Thor

The Norn Runes are always found after the major bosses in Tiny Thor, so do not worry about potentially missing them. There are five power ups to obtain, and here are all the locations.

Sky Rune – Double jump

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Thor gains the Sky Rune after defeating the Stone Crusher in level 3 – Broken Bridge, which unlocks the double jump ability. As the most straightforward ability, the Sky Rune allows Thor to jump a second time while airborne.

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Mountain Rune – Wall jump

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Thor gains the Mountain Rune after defeating the Bee Queen in level 9 Queens Quarters, which unlocks the wall jump ability. Thor can temporarily cling onto walls and kick off of them to scale vertical corridors.

Earth Rune – Slam

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Thor gains the Earth Rune after defeating the Tatzelwurm in level 13 – Subterranean Surge, which unlocks the slam ability. By pressing the Y button midair, Thor can slam Mjölnir down, breaking anything below him.

River Rune – Dash

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Thor gains the River Rune after defeating the Clockwork Golem in level 18 – Bedrock Bedlam, which unlocks the dash ability. Pressing LT makes Thor dash forward, and you can even do it midair to jump across large gaps.

Rainbow Rune – Multi-hammer

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Thor gains the Rainbow Rune after defeating the Kraken in level 23 – Frigid Fjords, which unlocks the multi-hammer ability. After winding up for a brief moment using RT, Thor can now let loose five Mjölnirs all at once! This is the last power up that Thor gets before the final showdown with Jörmungandr.

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All Power Ups in Tiny Thor