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How to Beat All Enemies in Tiny Thor

How to Beat All Enemies in Tiny Thor
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Thor is my favorite superhero for several reasons—flying powers, the strength of a god, cool armor, Mjolnir… and Chris Hemsworth’s charm and good looks in the Marvel movies don’t hurt either. While Tiny Thor doesn’t have much to do with the comic book hero and explores the adventures of Thor as a kid, I was immediately sold.

While lacking all the brawn of the grown-up Thor, Tiny Thor still packs a punch. Yes, he still mostly relies on his Mjolnir to do the heavy work, but he’s as agile and acrobatic as ever—which is good because you will need to pull all the stops to defeat the most challenging foes in this nostalgic 16-bit platformer. If you run into some trouble, you can always count on this guide that shows you how to beat all enemies in Tiny Thor. No, we’re not talking about opponents that will perish from just one hit by your mighty hammer—we’re talking about real bosses.

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How to Beat All the Bosses in Tiny Thor

Tiny Thor has seven major bosses that you need to defeat to get to the end:

  • Stone Crusher
  • Bee Queen
  • Tatzelwurm
  • Clockwork Golem
  • Kraken
  • Loki
  • Jormungandr

Here’s how you can beat every single one of them.

How to Beat the Stone Crusher in Tiny Thor

how to beat Stone Crusher in Tiny Thor
Image by Asylum Square

The Stone Crusher is not very challenging as it doesn’t attack you in any special manner. The real challenge here is handling the falling stone blocks and tree stumps that pop from the ground. You will have to use Mjolnir to break the blocks as you jump around, and the goal is always to clear everything as fast as possible so that you can steal some hits at the boss. Keep doing it, and you’ll be done with this fight in no time.

How to Beat the Bee Queen in Tiny Thor

How to beat the Bee Queen in Tiny Thor
Image by Asylum Square

To beat the Bee Queen, you will need a lot of vertical attacks with the hammer. Leave Mjolnir bouncing between the floor and the boss and move away so that you can avoid her spreading attacks. At one point, the Bee Queen disappears and uses her bees in the formation of a bow and arrow. Try to kill as many bees as possible before the attack, which should not be too difficult. Also, make sure to watch for the Bee Queen’s honey attacks because they will trap you for a few precious seconds.

How to Beat Tatzelwurm in Tiny Thor

The first real challenge I had in Tiny Thor was the Tatzelwurm fight. This boss is a giant worm with impenetrable skin and one weak point—it’s one eye. Therefore, keep hitting it whenever you can. Tatzelwurm will shoot its eye out at you, so make sure to destroy it with Mjolnir as soon as possible. This is easier said than done because the eye keeps dividing into smaller projectiles as you hit it, but the good thing is that destroying each fragment brings Tatzelwurm’s health bar down.

Avoid its rampage across the screen by hiding in the corner and try to aim your hammer at the eye when it shows up or use walls to hit it at an angle. For an advantage, look for where the walls start crumbling a bit because that’s where Tatzelwurm will appear—that’s where you want Mjolnir to bounce up and down as soon as possible for a few extra hits.

How to Beat the Clockwork Golem in Tiny Thor

Clockwork Golem is a steampunk nightmare with lasers. You will need to jump around a lot and bounce off walls to evade those red beams and Golem’s mechanical hands. Your goal is to slam the red buttons on top of its hands whenever you get the chance. This will make the boss hit itself, which significantly reduces its health. Precision and good timing are your best friends in this fight, and if you can keep Thor out of trouble’s ways long enough, this should be a piece of cake for you.

How to Beat the Kraken in Tiny Thor

how to beat Kraken in Tiny Thor
Image by Asylum Square

When the game releases the Kraken, you know that things are about to get dicey. Don’t be confused if you don’t see the Kraken’s health bar at first. You have to keep hitting the tentacles and avoid the projectiles until the boss gets so frustrated and looks up. That’s your chance to jump and slam its eyes which will do some serious damage (you will have to get both eyes).

When the Kraken takes a plunge, keep bouncing from tentacle to tentacle until it reappears to avoid falling into the water. At the end of the fight, look for the tentacle slams and time your jumps to avoid them.

How to Beat Loki in Tiny Thor

Tiny Thor how to beat Loki
Image by Asylum Square

You’ll have to be fast to beat Loki, but the approach is somewhat similar to what you did with the Bee Queen. Set up Mjolnir to bounce between Loki’s position and the wall or the ceiling doing some damage while he’s occupied with attacking you with radiating attacks that you should focus on evading. When Loki sends a purple energy ball to chase you around, use your jumping skills to get away from it until it disappears.

Jumping will also save you when Loki starts sending lines of blue flames your way later in the fight because you will have only a small opening to jump through and will need to act fast. This is a good fight to make use of the Mjolnir power-up that multiplies the hammer and sends the copies Loki’s way at different angles, especially when Loki starts cloning himself.

How to Beat Jormungandr in Tiny Thor

The last boss in Tiny Thor is all about platforming. When the rock platforms disappear, jump on the giant snake and wait for the opportunity to jump on its head and deal some damage. After that, it’s about more jumping. When little red flames start appearing as you jump from leaf to leaf, use the radiating hammer attack to eliminate them easily.

After hitting Jormungandr, slide down the wall and look for more opportunities to slam the boss on the head. Brace for the blows coming from Jormungandr’s mouth and avoid the green slime it sprays from its tail. Make sure to jump over its tail when it appears and keep heading up when the acid starts rising using floating leaves, just like you did before. A few more hits on the head, and you will be done with this fight.

You can now sit back and relax and watch the ending of the game! We hope this guide helped you defeat all the bosses in Tiny Thor. If you need more assistance, check out our other guides in the dedicated Tiny Thor section here on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Beat All Enemies in Tiny Thor