All Potionomics Potions Recipes – Full List


In Potionomics, you’ll need to know your customer in order to sell them the right potion. Sylvia will grow as a witch as you progress through the game, learning new potion recipes as she goes. Today, we’ll show you all the different potions you can brew in our Potionomics potions recipes full list!

Full Potion Recipe List for Potionomics

All potions in the game belong to one of four categories: Basic Potions, Tonics, Enhancers, and Cures. The potion you brew is determined by the ratio of Magimins added. We’ll list the ratio recipes for all potion types here.

Every potion you make can additionally gain up to five stars. Potions with higher stars are more effective for heroes, and they’re more valuable. The more Magimins are added to the brew, the higher the stars.

So, try to stick to the potion’s ratio recipe while using as many Magimins as possible. As long as you get the formula right, you should always get the potion you’re aiming for.

Paying attention to the formula and adding lots of Magimins will always create great potions.

Magimin Key:

  • Magimin-A
  • Magimin-B
  • Magimin-C
  • Magimin-D
  • Magimin-E

Basic Potions

  • Health Potion: 1 A, 1 B
  • Mana Potion: 1 B, 1 C
  • Stamina Potion: 1 A, 1 E
  • Speed Potion: 1 C, 1 D
  • Tolerance Potion: 1 D, 1 E


  • Fire Tonic: 1 A, 1 C
  • Ice Tonic: 1 A, 1 D
  • Thunder Tonic: 1 B, 1 D
  • Shadow Tonic: 1 B, 1 E
  • Radiation Tonic: 1 C, 1 E


  • Sight Enhancer: 3 A, 4 B, 3 C
  • Alertness Enhancer: 3 B, 4 C, 3 D
  • Insight Enhancer: 4 A, 3 B, 3 E
  • Dowsing Enhancer: 3 A, 3 D, 4 E
  • Seeking Enhancer: 3 C, 4 D, 3 E


  • Poison Cure: 2 A, 1 C, 1 D
  • Drowsiness Cure: 1 A, 1 B, 2 D
  • Petrification Cure: 1 A, 2 C, 1 E
  • Silence Cure: 2 B, 1 C, 1 E
  • Curse Cure: 1 B, 1 C, 2 E

That’s the full list of all Potionomics potion recipes. If you have any other tips or questions for Potionomics, let us know in the comments below!

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All Potionomics Potions Recipes – Full List


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