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All Playable Characters in Showgunners

All Playable Characters in Showgunners
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Showgunners is a brand new turn-based strategy game where you take on the role of Scarlett, a fighter driven by vengeance, striving to earn fame and fortune. Initially, players have access to this fierce close-ranged combatant. However, as you delve deeper into the dystopian realm of Showgunners, a diverse cast of characters awaits your discovery, each possessing unique abilities and skills to contribute to the perilous show. In this guide, we will explore all the playable characters in Showgunners.

Every Playable Character in Showgunners

Showgunners features seven playable characters: Scarlett, Marty, Tybalt, Warden, Zoe, Phantom, and Marcus. From Scarlett’s relentless pursuit of vengeance to Marty’s ranged shotgun and intimidation, Tybalt’s cunning traps and deception, Warden’s steadfast defense, and Marcus’s useful grenade launcher, each character offers a distinct approach to winning the game. Let’s examine each of their abilities individually:

#1 – Scarlett

Tybalt on left, Scarlett in middle, and Zoe on right (Image via Artificer)

Scarlett is the first character you obtain in Showgunners. She is one of the fastest characters but falls short in terms of health. When playing as Scarlett, your focus should be on enabling her to secure kills to maximize the potential of her Berserk ability. This ability grants an additional Action point every time Scarlett eliminates an enemy with melee attacks. In a turn-based game like Showgunners, the ability to take multiple turns can make Scarlett an incredibly powerful character. With proper execution, players can clear groups of enemies using Scarlett alone.

#2 – Marty

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Marty is a ranged shooter armed with a formidable shotgun. His Rage ability transforms him into a tank, boosting his HP and increasing his damage output. Additionally, he possesses a passive skill that allows him to recover HP. Drawing from his experience as a former champion of the Homicidal All-Stars, Marty possesses the unique talent to intimidate foes, forcing them into hiding and granting him a strategic advantage.

#3 – Tybalt

Harnessing his expertise in technology, Tybalt effortlessly disables enemy weapons, rendering them defenseless and vulnerable to his relentless assaults. Deception is his forte, as he expertly deploys decoys and manipulates holograms to incite enemies against one another, sowing chaos on the battlefield. Not only does he dismantle the unity of his foes, but Tybalt’s ingenious tactics also grant him beneficial buffs.

#4 – Warden

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Warden embodies the essence of deployable cover, serving as an immovable fortress that provides crucial protection for allies amidst the chaos of battle. He excels as the best tank in Showgunners, although he is also the slowest character. Players can utilize Warden’s substantial health pool to their advantage by defending other characters from incoming damage.

#5 – Zoe

Zoe specializes in dealing area-of-effect (AOE) damage in Showgunners. Equipped with a massive gatling gun, she can unleash devastating attacks that strike multiple enemies simultaneously. Zoe thrives in combat against hordes of foes, making her a valuable asset in such encounters. When faced with overwhelming numbers, bringing Zoe to the fight will allow you to witness her relentless firepower tearing through enemies.

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#6 – Phantom

Image via Showgunners

If you enjoy stealth gameplay, Phantom, the sniper of Showgunners, will captivate you. Despite her low health pool, Phantom possesses a remarkable survival advantage through her invaluable invisibility skill. When confronted with life-threatening dangers, she can seamlessly cloak herself, rendering her invisible and effectively shielding herself from harm.

#7 – Marcus

Image via Showgunners

Marcus proves to be one of the most indispensable characters in Showgunners. His Grenade Launcher, loaded with smokes, explosives, and napalm, empowers him to wreak havoc on the battlefield. After maxing him, Marcus evolves into an exceptional support unit, capable of not only providing cover but also heal his teammates.

These are all the playable characters in Showgunners. If you are new to the game, check out our show Showgunners tips and tricks guide.

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All Playable Characters in Showgunners