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How to Play Showgunners – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

How to Play Showgunners – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks
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It’s show time and things are about to get bloody! Showgunners is a reality show like no other, with high stakes, deadly traps and intriguing puzzles. As the vengeful Scarlett, a contestant on a futuristic show Homicidal All-Stars, you have to make your way through levels, disarming traps, looking for items and puzzle, and killing anyone who gets in your way. Let’s explore how it all works and how to play Showgunners with plenty of tips and tricks for beginners.

How to get started on Showgunners

Before starting a game you should choose a difficulty level which will determine how much HP you have and how difficult each level will be to battle through. Normal mode is recommended for new players. At the start of the game your character will wake up in the street and it quickly becomes apparent that she is part of a game show, and she has been fighting for a while.

Running on adrenaline, your character will make her way past explosive barrels and encounter traps. This initial alley run is a small tutorial meant to introduce you to the basics of the game, warning you that traps will become trickier, and your character could be ambushed by other contestants at any moment. As you progress, you will be introduced to more characters so you will know what sort of contestants you could eventually gain for your team.

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Movement and fighting in Showgunners

Enemies will set up an ambush which is battled through a turn-based fight. Each movement or action used Action Points (AP) and when you run out of AP your turn will end. You are given a range to move within set in two colors: blue and yellow. Blue range movements cost 1 AP while Yellow range movements cost 2 AP.

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Stay behind cover for protection and to force enemies to move in order to get a clear shot. If you hover over the spot before moving you can see what sort of chance you have to get a shot in first by the number over the enemy’s head.

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Movement and Action keys on PC are as follows:

  • RMB – move
  • LMB – confirm action
  • W, S, A, D or Up, Down, Left, Right – pan camera
  • E, Q or MMB – rotate camera
  • * or or Mouse Wheel – zoom camera
  • Left SHIFT – sprint
  • SPACEBAR – shoot (or double click the enemy)
  • Left Shift, TAB – select target
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – abilities such as punch, shoot, overwatch

When your ability is on cooldown, you should check the number of turns shown in its icon on the bottom of the screen. When those turns are completed the action will be ready to use again. It is a good idea to use Overwatch when your main ability is on cooldown. This creates an area into which your fighter can shoot at enemies when they come too near. This also stops the enemy from flanking you. To use you Melee attack, select it and target an enemy who is in your movement area.

The ability to interact with objects or other characters is shown with a blue outline highlight. Approach the item or person and press the interact button. Healing Stations can be recognized as a sort of pillar with a number on the front showing how much healing is available. There are also Shop Stations where you have the opportunity to purchase or donate weaponry, ammo, and more.

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Part of this game’s unique experience is the fact these characters are reality show contestants, and with TV fame come rabid fans! It is important to build your brand and gain Fame Points to succeed, and occasionally there will be a fan waiting for an autograph, or Sponsors to sign up with. You will see fans highlighted in blue like an object. Approach them and interact as you see fit (although it is best to try and answer in a way that makes them like you more!)

One of the great things about this game is that the gameplay really keeps you engaged and turns what could be a regular turn-based battle game into something far more exciting. Outside of the battles there is a lot of fun with behind-the-scenes production type interactions, a great story line, and opportunities to level up your characters’ skill points. Take the time to explore and enjoy these more peaceful moments in Showgunners!

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How to Play Showgunners – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks