All Palico Support Types and How They Work in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Palicoes have been a thing in the Monster Hunter series for a very long time, and since the days of Monster Hunter World, they have become an even more important presence, assisting players during hunts and making solo play a little less challenging.

Being so popular, Palicoes are unsurprisingly back in Monster Hunter Rise, providing even more help to hunters thanks to their different Support Types. Here are all of them and how they work.

All Palico Support Types and How They Work in Monster Hunter Rise

There are five Palico Support types in Monster Hunter Rise: Healer, Assist, Fight, Bombardier and Gathering. Depending on the type, the Palico will provide different support, which will be more or less useful depending on your skill level.

The Healer Support type allows the Palico to provide healing assistance to hunters, restoring their health and even curing status ailments. With several skills that enhance healing capabilities, the Healer Support type is the best for newcomers who have yet to get used to the game’s mechanics.

The Assist Support type is for more advanced players who can take care of their own healing. Palicoes belonging to this Support type will focus on laying traps around, making your hunts easier, especially as you cannot bring many traps with you during a hunt. In addition, adding some healing support moves can make Assist Palicoes even more balanced and useful.

The Fight Support type does exactly what you would expect it to do: assist hunters in fighting monsters directly. While having means to deal additional damage is always nice, the Fight Support type Palicoes do not make much of a difference, considering your Palamute is capable of doing pretty much the same thing.

The Bombardier Support type, like the Fight Support type, is mostly focused on fighting monsters head-on, only that Palicoes belonging to this type use bombs instead of other weapons. And like the Fight Support type, they do feel a little limited, especially in High Rank quests where you should be able to handle monsters even by yourself.

The Gathering Support type is among the most unique Support types in Monster Hunter Rise, but one you should not bring on quests other than Expedition Tours. This type of Palico focuses on gathering items for you, which can maximize your item collection rate on every type of quest, with the exception of Arena Quests. While gathering, however, the Gathering Palicoes will be defenseless, so they are not of much use during a fight.

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All Palico Support Types and How They Work in Monster Hunter Rise


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