All New Pets in Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire

animals from minecraft dungeons

A new adventure has begun in Minecraft Dungeons called the Fauna Faire. This event is hosting a slew of new activities as well as a revamped Tower that will surely give you a challenge. In addition, there are many new pets, each one seemingly more adorable than the first. These are the new pets in Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire.

There’s something for everyone among these cute and cuddly creatures. Something Minecraft games have always done well is the variety when it comes to its animals. Due to the power of animation, they’re always adorable no matter what, even when they might not be in real life.

Emperor Penguin

The emperor penguin from Minecraft Dungeons.

The Emperor Penguin is a cosmetic pet, meaning it won’t attack any enemies and is just there purely to be an adorable companion. While it may not be an enemy killer, it’s definitely adorable and could cheer up your party.

Baby Wooly Cow

A wooly cow from Minecraft Dungeons.

If you’re looking for a pet with some more fluff, check out baby Wooly Cows, which are just the younger version of the game’s Wooly Cows. Wooly Cows are stronger than regular cows, which makes them ideal to keep around.

Cinnamon Ferret

The cinnamon ferret from Minecraft Dungeons.

The Cinnamon Ferret is the quintessential fall pet with its cool-toned red fur. No one can resist the adorable design of this long noodle-like critter.


Raccoon from Minecraft.

Sure Raccoons might be pests, but their designs make them hard to get angry at, especially with their bandit masks and fluffy tails.


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A skunk from Minecraft Dungeons.

The Skunks in Minecraft are all cute and no stink, so don’t run away just yet. Fortunately, there’s no smell-o-vision in Minecraft yet.


A hedgehog from Minecraft Dungeons.

With their little nose and faces, hedgehogs are charming. They might look pointy, but rest assured these hedgehogs won’t prick you.

Grey Tabby Cat

A grey tabby cat from Minecraft Dungeons.

Cats are a classic staple of the Minecraft games, and when they come in new adorable colors, it only cements their place as a timeless favorite.

Red Panda

A red panda from Minecraft Dungeons.

Turning Red fans are going to appreciate that red pandas are now available in the game. Don’t worry, these ones won’t get angry.

You can get all of these in Fauna Faire, which you can play today in Minecraft Dungeons!

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All New Pets in Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire


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