All Missing People and Where to Find Them in Persona 3: Portable


Persona 3 is a 2006 RPG from Atlus, available to play on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One (X/S), and PC. Players act as a high school student hired by Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) to investigate the Dark Hour. During this Dark Hour in the Tartarus innocent people go missing. It is the player’s job to rescue them.

Our guide below shows all missing people and where to find them in Persona 3: Portable.

All Missing Civilians in Persona 3 Portable

Here is a comprehensive list of all the people who go missing in Tartarus, where to find them, deadlines for rescue, and what rewards you can gain for their safe return. It is important to take note of the deadlines as the social link will be broken if you do not find them in time.

Bunkichi Kitamura (via Persona 3)

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Ayako Yoshimoto45FJuly 7Recarm
Kenjiro Tsutsumi51FJuly 7¥40,000
Yoshimi Miyama61FJuly 7Shirt of Chivalry
Yatsuko Murabayashi69FAugust 66 x Emerald
Shuichi Mimura83FAugust 6Divine Grace
Onozuka Setsuki95FSeptember 5Matarukaja
Hirotaka Tanigami101FSeptember 520 x Malachite
Reiko Makita108FSeptember 5Mediarama
Bunkichi Kitamura120FOctober 410 x Homonculus
Aki Kurobe131FOctober 4Slash Repeller
Yasunobu Shimozono137FOctober 4 ¥100,000
Maiko Oohashi 149FNovember 3Felt Doll
Ryohei Nakatsugawa152FNovember 3High Counter
Takeko Hirooka158FNovember 3Endure
Tomoyuki Itami168FDecember 3Phys Boost
Katsue Sugi175FDecember 3Tetrakarn
Yumiko Sasamaki 185FDecember 32 x Luxury Coin
Nobuko Fukuichi203FDecember 318 x Diamond
Fumika Teramoto224FJanuary 31Soma
Mitsutoshi Okimoto250FJanuary 31Salvation

Those are all the character you can rescue in Persona 3: Portable! For more information, check out our Persona 3 guide section.

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All Missing People and Where to Find Them in Persona 3: Portable


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