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All Meal Recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

All Meal Recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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There is so much to make and bake in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, from cakes to pastries, pizzas and more! All you have to do is have the right ingredients and use either the oven in Hello Kitty’s cafe, or the pizza oven found at Mount Hothead. These delicious meals can be used as gifts for your character friends across the island and help you level up your friendships. Check out every recipe we have discovered for meals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure below!

All Recipes for Hello Kitty Island Adventure Meals

All meals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure can be cooked in the Pizza Oven at Mount Hothead or at Hello Kitty’s Cafe.

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Here are all the recipes you can make and bake in Hello Kitty Island Adventure right now:

CakeFlour + BananaOven
Almond Pound CakeFlour + Candy Cloud + Toasted AlmondUpgraded Oven
Beignets with Pineapple DipFlour + Candy Cloud + PineappleUpgraded Oven
Cinnamon BreadFlour + Cinna Bloom
Flour + Magma Bloom
MacaronFlour + Toasted AlmondsOven
Chocolate BallsFlour + Chocolate CoinsOven
Mama’s Apple PieFlour + AppleOven
Pineapple Stack CakeFlour + PineappleOven
Milk BreadFlour + Coral MilkOven
Red Bow Apple PieFlour + Magma Bloom + AppleUpgraded Oven
Cinnamon RollFlour + Candy Cloud + Cinna BloomUpgraded Oven
Strawberry ShortcakeFlour + StrawberryOven
Strawberry Almond Galette Flour + Toasted Almonds + StrawberryUpgraded Oven
Sakura CakeFlour + SakuraOven
PastryFlour + Candy CloudOven
Tofu BreadFlour + TofuOven
Volcano CakeFlour + Chocolate Coin + Magma BloomUpgraded Oven
Dessert PizzaDough + Sugarkelp
Dough + Candy Cloud
Pizza Oven
Fruit PizzaDough + ApplePizza Oven
Alfredo PizzaDough + Coral MilkPizza Oven
Spinip Alfredo PizzaDough + Spinip + Coral MilkPizza Oven
Pumpkin PizzaDough + PumpkinPizza Oven
Pineapple PizzaDough + PineapplePizza Oven
Spicy PizzaDough + Cinna Bloom
Dough + Magma Bloom
Pizza Oven
Tofu PizzaDough + TofuPizza Oven
Tasty PizzaDough + Toasted AlmondsPizza Oven
Veggie PizzaDough + Spinip
Dough + Pumpkin
Pizza Oven
Ultimate Joke PizzaDough + Pineapple + TofuPizza Oven

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Try out different combinations and see if you can discover more recipes! There may be some secret combinations to gift to your friends in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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All Meal Recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure