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All Items Locations in Blasphemous 2

All Items Locations in Blasphemous 2
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The Penitent One has returned in Blasphemous 2, and it is foretold that there will be the birth of a new miracle child. Your journey begins in a strange and enchanting land filled with grotesque scenery and brutal boss battles. As you explore there will be important quests to fulfil and items to discover! If you are looking for specific items, or just don’t want to miss the items as you continue to explore this gothic land, we have the complete list of quest items right here. Read on to find out the locations of all items in Blasphemous 2.

All Quest Item Locations in Blasphemous 2

This list contains the complete alphabetical list of the quest items you can discover in Blasphemous 2.

Quest ItemLocation
Abandoned Rosary KnotCity of Blessed Name – costing 12000 Tears of Atonement;
Elevated Temples – walk from the 2nd prie dieu and up the ladder. Go right to the end, down and exit at the end of the room;
Sacred Entombments – head to the upper left corner, climb up to the far left platform;
Profundo Lamento – bring Forgotten Tributes to the Choir of Thorns and teleport to the item in the room.
Broken KeyCity of the Blessed Name – received from the Confessor when you get to the fast travel room in Crimson Rains. Go to Fervour Upgrade in Streets of Wakes and find the door behind the floating hand.
Cloth of the Old WomanSacred Entombments – in the first room but only after you ring the bell in the bottom left with the Veredicto and use platforms to reach the upper left area.
Empty ReceptacleProfundo Lamento
Elevated Temples
The Severed Tower
Streets of Wakes
Fervent KissElevated Temples – above the second prie dieu;
Palace of the Embroideries – left of the elevator leading to the Choir of Thorns;
Repose of the Silent One – gained after defeating Sinodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices;
Two Moons – in the middle room right of the bottom fountain;
Streets of Wakes – top right corner of the large room with the mirror statue.
Forgotten TributeSea of Ink
Giant RattleGarden of High Choirs – only after you free the Cherubs.
Holy Oil of the Everlasting AnointmentElevated Temples – only after you unlock the Scion’s Protection.
Immaculate Mother-of-Pearl GougeMother of Mothers
Key of Endless OrisonAfter defeating Benedicta of the Endless Orison
Key of the CouncilAfter defeating Sinodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices
Key of the PilgrimChapel of the Five Doves
Lullaby of the White ShoreCrown of Towers – in the room below the boss room, climb mirror statues to the left platform.
Oils of the Blessed MixtureRavine of the High Stones – break the floor with the Weight of Sin and head right to climb through a small opening.
Ornate ChalicePalace of Embroideries
Sacred Entombments
Sunken Cathedral
Streets of Wakes x2
Regula’s ClothLabyrinth of Tides – speak with Regula to open a path to the left. Head to the other side of the room, break the pillar crumbling there. Go back to speak with Regula to receive the cloth.
Remembrance of CastulaStreets of Wakes – purchased for 6000 Tears of Atonement.
Remembrance of CesareoThe Severed Tower – bring 6 Wax Seeds to Cesareo in a room found two rooms above the fast travel room.
Remembrance of CrisantaDefeat Eviterno, First of the Penitents.
Remembrance of ProximoGarden of the High Choirs – free the Cherubs and climb to the top of the garden and find the Giant Rattle. Return the rattle to Proximo to receive this item.
Remembrance of RegulaLabyrinth of Tides – received when you place the Regula’s Cloth on the statue to the left.
Remembrance of the ConfessorCity of the Blessed Name – after completing the game and speaking to the Confessor.
Remembrance of TrifonPalace of Embroideries – return the Scroll of Elder to Castula.
Scroll of the ElderCrown of Towers – climb a series of platforms to pray at the stature and raise further platforms. Make your way across to the left to find the item.
Seared EnvelopeStreets of Wakes – climb up and left from the prie dieu.
Silver-Clad Crystal ShardCity of the Blessed Name
Palace of the Embroideries
Elevated Temples
Silver Shell FileLabyrinth of Tides – to the left of the fast travel room in the Sunken Cathedral.
Steely Battle LanceProfundo Lamento – find Yerma in the rom under the first prie dieu.
Stolen Pendant of SolitudeStreets of Wakes – received from a merchant after clearing his inventory.
Tears of SapAqueduct of the Costales – at the first prie dieu, head left to the bell and mirror statue. Ring the bell and climb the platforms.
Unfinished LullabyCrown of Towers
Basilica of Absent Faces
The Severed Tower
Sacred Entombments
Wax SeedAqueduct of the Costales
City of the Blessed Name
Labyrinth of Tides
Reposed of the Silent One
Two Moons
Grilles and Ruin via Streets of Wakes.
Image via The Game Kitchen

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All Items Locations in Blasphemous 2