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All Horrible Weapons in Don’t Starve Together

All Horrible Weapons in Don’t Starve Together
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The ancient shadow creatures from the dark depths are stirring in the latest Don’t Starve Together update, and with them comes brand-new gear for players to collect. The Shadow Thralls are tough creatures, but defeating them allows you to craft new “Horrible” gear, which is anything but! Here are all Horrible weapons in Don’t Starve Together.

New Horrible weapons and gear in Don’t Starve Together

After defeating the Ancient Fuelweaver and offering 5 Dreadstone to the Beckoning Hand, you are prompted with a message that says your world will change forever. What this means exactly is that Shadow Rifts will begin appearing in your Caves, and with them, Dark Miasma.

The Dark Miasma spawns in brand-new enemies, the Shadow Thralls. You will also eventually start encountering Dreadstone Outcrops, which spawns more types of Shadow Thralls. The Shadow Thralls drop Pure Horror and Dark Tatters, the two materials required to craft all the new Horrible gear.

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Shadow Reaper

The Shadow Reaper, as seen in the featured image for this article, is a weapon that costs 3 Pure Horrors and 1 Dark Tatter to craft. It deals 38 damage, lasts for 200 swings, and drains sanity at -3.3 a minute.

Despite it looking really strong and cool, the Shadow Reaper is not that great of a weapon compared to others like the Battle Spear, Tentacle Spike, and Glass Cutter.

Its true value lies in its ability to cut down multiple tufts of grass with one swing. The Shadow Reaper makes farming very quick, and that alone makes it a valuable tool.


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The Umbralla is a tool that costs 5 Pure Horrors and 1 Dark Tatter to craft. Not so much a weapon, the Umbralla is basically an upgraded normal Umbrella, as it offers 100% wetness protection, 240 insulation, and it lasts for a whopping 2 hours! Like the Shadow Reaper, it also drains sanity at -3.3 a minute.

Void Armor

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The Void armor set is a new armor set that looks pretty rad. The Void Cowl is crafted with 4 Pure Horrors and 2 Dark Tatters, and the Void Robe is crafted with 4 Pure Horrors and 4 Dark Tatters.

Both pieces of the Void set offer 80% physical damage reduction, and they have 830 durability. There are no other special effects other than that, aside from looking pretty freaking sweet!

Dreadstone Armor

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In addition to the Void set, players can opt for the Dreadstone armor set instead. The Dreadstone Helm is crafted with 4 Dreadstones and 4 Pure Horrors, and the Dreadstone Armor is crafted with 6 Dreadstones and 4 Pure Horrors.

Both pieces of the Dreadstone set offer 90% physical damage reduction, each with 840 durability. The Dreadstone Helm even gives 20% wetness resistance, as well.

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All Horrible Weapons in Don’t Starve Together