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How to Get Dark Miasma in Don’t Starve Together

Our guide walks you through the lengthy process of unlocking Dark Miasma in Don't Starve Together.

Something dark and evil is rising from the depths of the world in Don’t Starve Together! Fight off sinister shadows in “Terrors Below,” Don’t Starve Together‘s latest update. In order to see the new monsters, you have to find the Dark Miasma, so here is how to get Dark Miasma in Don’t Starve Together.

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Unlocking the Dark Miasma in Don’t Starve Together

Dark Miasma is a mysterious new substance that starts to spew out of Shadow Rifts. Before Shadow Rifts can start spawning in your world, you need to take down the Ancient Fuelweaver and Nightmare Werepig.

Finding and defeating the Ancient Fuelweaver

To get started, make sure you prep for the long journey into the dark Caves. Bring lots of strong weapons, armor, and food; foods that restore your sanity are especially helpful. Also, do not forget reliable light sources, like Miner Hats, Lanterns, and Moggles.

Whenever you are ready, go to your nearest Sinkhole and unplug it if you have not already, then descend into the caves. Your main objective is to mine Stalagmites until you get at least 8 Fossil Fragments. Spilagmites, the Caves Spider spawner, has a higher chance of dropping Fossil Fragments.

Once you have gathered enough Fossil Fragments, your next objective is to find the Labyrinth section of the Ruins biome. You will know you are close when you start encountering a lot of Splumonkeys, Slurpers, and Cave Lichen. The Labyrinth section has a layout like this:

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Notice that big open area at the end of the Labyrinth, near the north tip? That is where you want to go. Of course, your Labyrinth is probably going to have a different layout, so you will need to explore accordingly.

At the end of the Labyrinth, you should encounter an Ancient Guardian. Its attack patterns are very similar to the Clockwork Rooks, so as long as you have good gear, you should have no problems defeating it.

The Ancient Guardian drops a Large Ornate Chest upon defeat, so open it to get an Ancient Key. Now, the next step is to find a Big Tentacle, which, as the name implies, is a massive version of the Tentacles you encounter in the Marsh biomes in the overworld.

Once you find a Big Tentacle, you must defeat in battle. Whenever you attack it, it will summon smaller Tentacles, so make sure to stay on the move during the fight. Once it is defeated, the Big Tentacle sinks into its hole, revealing a very large opening that you can jump into.

Jump into the large hole to reach the hidden Atrium biome. The Atrium has a layout very similar to the Labyrinth, as it features lots of twisting corridors, like a maze. Similar to the Labyrinth, there is a unique area at the end of the Atrium that contains a mysterious structure known as the Ancient Gateway.

You can probably already guess what you need to do next, but before you do, select the Fossil Fragments and plant one near the Ancient Gateway. You can rebuild the fossil by adding more fragments to the planted pile, so use all eight, and you should get a skeleton that looks like this:

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If your skeleton does not look like the one above, break it down with a Hammer and rebuild it again. Once you get this exact shape, use the Ancient Key on the Ancient Gateway to power it up. The rebuilt Odd Skeleton will suddenly come to life as the Ancient Fuelweaver, so take it down!

During the battle, Woven Shadows appear and move towards the Ancient Fuelweaver. Destroy them before they reach the Fuelweaver, as they will heal it.

Eventually, Unseen Hands spawn around the Ancient Gateway, and they summon a powerful shield that protects the Fuelweaver. You can only destroy the Unseen Hands when you are insane, so let your sanity meter drop, then destroy the Hands to remove the shield.

Finding and defeating the Nightmare Werepig

After the Ancient Fuelweaver is defeated, a shadow hand named the Beckoning Hand will appear near the Ancient Gateway, and it wants 5 Dreadstone. We are in the homestretch now, so let us go back to the beginning of the caves.

Explore the biomes with all the Light Flowers until you find a scary looking creature shackled to three marble pillars—this is the Nightmare Werepig. Mine the pillars to destroy the marble outer layer, then use a Pick/Axe to hit the inner pillar.

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Hitting the inner pillar causes it to shake, so do this to all three pillars. If you are fast enough, the pillars will crumble, and the Nightmare Werepig is released.

The fight starts out with small little Parasitic Shadelings attacking the Nightmare Werepig. You can only hurt the Shadelings if your sanity is low enough, which should drain very fast for the duration of this fight. Once you take out all the Shadelings, the real battle begins.

The Nightmare Werepig is a fast and powerful creature, so we recommend using gear that boosts your speed, like the Walking Cane. His primary attack is to quickly lunge at you, so dodge it and go in for a few hits. If you feel it is too risky, just focus on dodging, as the Nightmare Werepig gets tired after a couple of lunges, allowing you to safely get some hits in.

When the Nightmare Werepig is low on health, it will start using a new slam attack. Try to lure the Werepig towards the pillars that were holding it in place, as the slam attack destroys the pillars, dropping Dreadstone in the process. This is the one of the very few ways to get Dreadstone, so make sure to do this before you finish off the Nightmare Werepig.

Once you destroy all three pillars, go ahead and execute the Nightmare Werepig. Return to the Ancient Gateway, and give the 5 Dreadstone to the Beckoning Hand. From this point onward, Shadow Rifts have a chance to open up in the Caves. When a Shadow Rift is starting to tear open, its exact location appears on the map, so you know exactly where to go.

An active Shadow Rift spews out Dark Miasma, so make sure to hang out nearby if you want to fight the Shadow Thralls, which drop the materials needed for crafting the new Horrible gear.

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How to Get Dark Miasma in Don’t Starve Together