All Gym Leader Rematches and their Teams in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Gym Leader Rematch

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released late last year to a lot of mixed reviews. Apart from the minor bugs, the game’s “faithful remakes” were received relatively well for the most part.

One of the most common complaints that returning players of the series had, especially the ones that had played the original Gen 4 games of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, was that the remakes’ gameplay was much easier, especially in terms of Pokémon battles, including the major ones like the gym leader battles.

Gym Leader Rematches

A feature that was added in previous generations of Pokémon games, Gym Leader Rematches, makes its return to Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. These rematches are a part of the post-game features and are unlocked only upon finishing the main story.

How to access Gym Leader Rematches

Once the player finishes the main story and acquires the National Dex, they will be contacted by Roark, who will tell the player that he and the other Gym Leaders would like to challenge them. To challenge the Gym Leaders to a rematch, the player will have to travel to their gyms and simply talk to them. This can be done once a day.

Gym Leader Rematch Rosters

Gym Leader 1: Oreburgh City – Roark

  • Level 68 Tyranitar
  • Level 66 Aerodactyl
  • Level 70 Armaldo
  • Level 68 Probopass
  • Level 64 Relicanth
  • Level 70 Rampardos

Gym Leader 2: Eterna City – Gardenia

  • Level 66 Jumpluff
  • Level 70 Sunflora
  • Level 69 Cherrim
  • Level 68 Breloom
  • Level 68 Torterra
  • Level 72 Roserade

Gym Leader 3: Veilstone City – Maylene

  • Level 64 Hitmontop
  • Level 66 Breloom
  • Level 68 Heracross
  • Level 70 Infernape
  • Level 72 Medicham
  • Level 74 Lucario

Gym Leader 4: Pastoria City – Crasher Wake

  • Level 68 Politoed
  • Level 68 Kingdra
  • Level 68 Ludicolo
  • Level 70 Huntail
  • Level 70 Gyarados
  • Level 72 Floatzel

Gym Leader 5: Hearthome City – Fantina

  • Level 68 Drifblim
  • Level 65 Banette
  • Level 70 Dusknoir
  • Level 70 Mismagius
  • Level 72 Froslass
  • Level 72 Gengar

Gym Leader 6: Canalave City – Byron

  • Level 69 Skarmory
  • Level 69 Steelix
  • Level 70 Magnezone
  • Level 70 Empoleon
  • Level 72 Aggron
  • Level 72 Bastiodon

Gym Leader 7: Snowpoint City – Candice

  • Level 68 Abomasnow
  • Level 70 Jynx
  • Level 68 Mamoswine
  • Level 70 Froslass
  • Level 70 Glaceon
  • Level 72 Weavile

Gym Leader 8: Sunyshore City – Volkner

  • Level 70 Pelipper
  • Level 70 Raichu
  • Level 70 Luxray
  • Level 66 Lanturn
  • Level 68 Jolteon
  • Level 75 Electivire

To challenge these gym leaders to a rematch, we recommend you have a fully battle-ready team of Pokémon between levels 70-75.

For the best results of which Pokémon to use, why not look at some of our other guides? Good luck!

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All Gym Leader Rematches and their Teams in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


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